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Mini Embroidery Hoop Fabric Covered Necklace

I just love mini embroidery hoops and I think they have so much potential to make beautiful projects. My take on a mini embroidery hoop is to make a fabric covered necklace.

I have chosen to use the lovely Craft Cotton Co blue geometric fat quarters. This fabric collection is delicate and pretty with a contemporary feel.


What you need

Mini embroidery hoop – I chose a fun cat shape found on an online auction site.

Necklace chain or jewellery cotton- I chose a faux rose gold chain from Hobbycraft


Hot glue gun

Needle and tread

Embroidery floss- If you wish to add extra detail

Embroidery needle

The embroidery hoop piece

Part A

Part B

Part C


Step 1

Cut your fabric larger than the shape of part A using a similar method as if you were doing a self-covered button.

Step 2

Here is your chance to create your own embroidery design if you want to or add any beads, buttons or embellishments to your fabric.

Step 3

Run a gathering stitch close to the edge of your fabric shape. Place part A in the centre of your fabric on the wrong side. Pull the treads to tighten the shape around part A.

Step 4

Using your glue gun with care adhere the fabric to part A.

Step 5

Using your glue gun with care, glue the outer rim of part C and place part B on top of part C

Step 6

Using your glue gun with care apply plenty of glue to the centre of part B.

Step 7

Place part A right side up to part B and press firmly so it adheres.

Step 8

Attach your necklace chain or jewellery thread through the hole.

You can now do a happy dance and wear your me made necklace with pride!

Hope you enjoyed this project

Love Carrie


Tag me in your makes on Instagram @carrie_can_make_it #carriesprojects

Made by Carrie Marshall for The Craft Cotton Company 2018

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