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A Cottage Garden Storage Box 1

Follow my tutorial, on how to make your very own ‘Cottage Garden Storage Boxes’. These stunning fabrics are designed by Debbie Shore and available from

Craft Cotton Co.

I chose four of my favourite prints from the collection, to make 3 different sized storage boxes, and teamed them up with some Gutermann threads.

Please read through all the instructions before starting your project

Finished sizes Box 1 is 4” x 4"

Box 2 is 6” x 10”

Box 3 is 4” x 11”


Materials to make all three boxes

• 4 FQ from the Cottage garden collection by Debbie Shore avalible at Craft Cotton • 8 strips from a jelly roll • FQ white solid fabric • 2 x FQs of H250 fusible interfacing by vlieseline • 80” of bias binding • Gutermann thread, colours 4103, 1292,1031 and 38

Haberdashery items • Iron-away marker pen • Quilters ruler, rotary cutter/scissors • Iron • Cutting mat • Basic sewing supplies • 1” hexi papers (box 3)


Making Box 1

Step 1: Cutting

• Two 4 1⁄2” squares ***fussy cut*** from the ‘Cottage’ fabric • Two 4 1⁄2” squares from ‘Blue with Pink flowers’ fabric • Six 4 3/8” squares from ‘dragonfly’ fabric • Two 4 1⁄2” x 2 3⁄4” white rectangles • Two strips 1 1⁄4” x 4 1⁄2” from ‘dragonfly’ fabric

From the interfacing cut • Five 4 1⁄2” squares • Two 4 1⁄2” x 2 3⁄4”

Assembling Box 1 Fuse the interfacing to the reverse of the ‘cottage’, ‘Blue with pink flowers’ ‘white

solid’ and one piece of the ‘dragonfly’ fabric.

Take the one strip 1 1⁄4” x 4 1⁄2” from ‘dragonfly’ fabric, and sew to the reverse of longest edge, using 1⁄4” seam allowance to the white rectangle, repeat process for the other white rectangle.

Fold over the ‘dragonfly’ fabric, press and top stitch using the pink Gutermann thread. Pin one to each of the ‘blue with pink flowers’ fabric squares.

Sew the squares RST, placing a ‘cottage’ square in between each pocket square, press seams open.

Take the base piece (dragonfly fabric with interlining) and join RST to first pocket

square, leaving the first and last 1⁄4” unsewn.

Repeat this process until the box has come together - (turning the material with the needle in place) Turn right side out, push the corners out, and finger pinch along each seam.

Repeat this process to make the lining (note the lining is slightly smaller).

Cut white strips 1 1⁄4” x 17” (or use white bias binding), press 1⁄4” along the length of the strips to create the binding.

Sew the un-pressed edge, RST to the top of lining box, remember to fold in the raw edge. Insert the lining and pin at the side seams. Fold over the binding and hand sew in place to complete the first storage box

These ‘Cottage Garden storage boxes’ and tutorial has been created by me - creativeblonde.

To see more of my tutorials, you can follow my blog and/or Instagram page and

Stockist for the fabrics found in this tutorial 0161 832 9431 Stockist for Gutermann threads 01453 883581

Made by Michelle Roberts for The Craft Cotton Company 2018

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