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Sew a Fabric Canopy

This project is not difficult it just needs patience, math calculations & lots of sewing.


Fabric requirements

4 Metres of Turquoise plain dyed Cotton

1 Set of Sew Beautiful fat quarters


Step 1

Cut 2:

Step 2

Cut 4’’ off each of the sides of 1 piece

Step 3

Make a Scallop template with 1/4” each side

Step 4

I chose to do each scallop different, so had to join them

Step 5

R/S Together sew the 1st scallop chain to the piece of fabric you cut the 4” off. Iron seam flat. Repeat for all 4 sides. (It will depend on the size of your canopy as to how many scallops you will need this is where maths comes in)

Step 6

Once you have all of the scallop chains attached to all 4 sides, place the full size fabric R/S up and lay the fabric with the scallops on top of it face down. Pin to secure.

Sew round all the scallops (Yes that’s a lot of sewing) then cut (Pinking shears are ideal)

Leave 1 scallop open slightly so you can turn out, and a gap in the four corners,

enough space to add in the ties.

Step 7

Next make the ties. Cut 8 12” long x 1.5” Wide

R/S together fold the straps in half and sew the top and down the side. Turn out and press.

Tuck 2 of the un-sewn ends into each corner and pin to secure before sewing.

Having the ties makes this canopy so versatile, it can be attached to poles or trees. In the garden I tied one side to the washing line and used a couple of flexible porch poles with guy ropes the other side. Instant Pretty shade.

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Made by Nicola Hills for The Craft Cotton Company 2018

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