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Scallop Cushions Tutorial

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Craft Cotton Company Sew Beautiful set of Fat Quarters & Turquoise Plain Dyed Cotton

Step 1

Cut 1 12.5” x 17”

Cut 1 5” x 17”

Cut 2 3” x 17” Plain Dyed Turquoise

Step 2

Create a Scallop Template, put the two pieces of fabric R/S together, draw round the on the W/S of the fabric. Pin to secure. Sew on the lines of the scallops.

Cut close to the stitching without cutting through it, and make little slits at the points

TOP TIP: (yellow arrow) as you reach the top of the point, turn and do 1 stitch across before turning to go back down.

Step 3

Using double sided fusible, draw around the letters required and bond to the fabric.

Peel off the backing and then bond onto the cushion. Sew round each letter.

Step 4

R/S together attach the scallop to the bottom of the top part of the cushion. Sew along (Red Line) Iron flat then sew the bottom part of the cushion on.

I used a 17” cushion inner. The back is Envelope style.

Made by Nicola Hills for The Craft Cotton Company 2018

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