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Luxury Lined Christmas Stocking

Cut the shape & size of the Christmas Stocking you require from some cardboard to use as a template.

Make separate templates for added details, double the required cuff width in fabric (Height) as you will create a fold for the neat bottom edge.

Cut two outer Stocking shapes from one fabric and 2 in the lining fabric.

Use some alternative fabric to add the details to one of the outer stocking fabric.

Secure with pins and sew round. I also added ric-rac and buttons.

R/S Together put the 2 outer fabrics together and Sew all round (leaving the top open), clip into the fabric on the bends so that when it’s turned out it holds the shape.

Repeat for the lining but leave a 3” gap (See arrow) for turning out.

For the cuff, sew the two short ends together R/S facing. Turn the cuff R/S out, fold it from the bottom.

It should make a tube, with a folded bottom and raw edges at the top.

The next bit is a little tricky..

With the outer stocking R/S out, put it inside the Lining W/S out.

Put the cuff in-between them both R/S out with the raw edges at the top. Pin all pieces at the top to secure. (At this point you can also add a hanging tag if you wish pin to the cuff with the loop down and raw edges to the top or you can add one after as I did with a button for decoration.)

Sew around the top then gently pull the outside through the gap you left in the lining piece. Sew up the hole in the lining and finger press to make sure your lining sits nicely inside.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial please share your makes with me @bobbincottagebodkin Nicola x

Made by Nicola Hills for The Craft Cotton Company 2018

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