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Double-sided Table Mats and Napkins

Personalise your table décor with these handmade fabric placemats and napkins! Or a set of these would make a lovely gift.



Sewing machine thread

Bosal Craft Placemat Packs


Sewing Machine






Step 1 - Fabric!

Choose your fabric for both the table mats and napkins. We have opted to make both the napkins and the tablemats reversable - with contrasting floral designs for a fun, bright and Summery look. You could decide to use the same designed fabric throughout for a more coordinated design – or, make one side patterned, one side plain! Really, it is entirely up to you. For the tablemats you will require 2 x pieces of fabric larger than the ‘Bosal General Placemats’, for as many mats as you would like to make. For the napkins, I started with two 30 x 30 cm squares of fabric per napkin.

Step 2 - Sewing!


Onc e you have cut your fabric to size, put your two squares of fabric together with the ‘right’ sides inwards.

Pin to secure, before stitching in a running stitch around the edge, leaving a gap to allow you to turn outwards.

Turn outwards ensuring the corners are pushed out as far as possible and iron the edges out flat.

Go around the edge wit h a running stitch to secure the napkin into place.


Once you have cut your fabric to size, put your two pieces of fabric together with the ‘right’ sides inwards.

Place your Bosal General Placemat on to the fabric and draw around the edge on to the fabric with a pencil.

Pin your pieces together to secure and sew in a running stitch around the edge on your pencil line, leaving a fairly large gap to allow you to turn outwards. This is easiest to leave the gap along a ‘straight’ edge for when securing everything together later.

Turn outwards ensuring the edges are pushed out as far as possible.

Roll up the placemat and push through the gap and fold out again inside pushing the edges out as far as you can.

TIP: The first time I did this, I had potentially sewn just slightly INSIDE the pencil line – and the mat was too tight to fit the fabric case. However, I trimmed back the placemat slightly by 1-2mm around the edge, and it became a perfect fit so don’t worry if it won’t fit first time!

Instructions are included with the Bosal General Placemat packs – so ensure to follow these – but you will now be using a steam iron to fix the fabric on to the placemat.

Once secured into place, run a running or decorative stitch of your choice around the edge of the placemat all together to secure into place.

Et voila! Placemats and napkins. Enjoy!

The Crafty Lass®

Made by Paula Milner for The Craft Cotton Co 2018

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