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Simplicity Vintage Hanging Storage Basket Sewing Tutorial

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Project by Lesley Connelly

2 Simplicity Vintage fabric storage baskets

Keep all your fabrics and sewing supplies organised with these handy hanging storage baskets - you can also choose not include the hanging loop and make some standing storage baskets too. Want a bigger basket? Just increase the size of the fabric pieces used for the bag.

To start this Simplicity Vintage sewing tutorial you will need the following:


  • Simplicity Vintage Sewing fat quarter set by The Craft Cotton Company

  • Scissors

  • Pins

  • Needle

  • Thread

  • Ruler/tape measure

To make one fabric basket:

1. Choose two of the fat quarters from Simplicity Vintage Sewing collection. One will form the outer fabric (fabric 1) and one will be the lining (fabric 2).

2. Cut out your fabric:

3. In fabric 1 and 2 cut out a piece of fabric 20x52cm (this will be the basket outer fabric and lining piece).

4. In fabric 2 cut out a piece of fabric 4x52cm (this will be the hanging loop).

5. Take the basket outer fabric piece and fold in half (right sides together) to create a piece 20x26cm, ensure folded seam is at the bottom. Draw a 4x4cm square in the bottom left and right hand corner of the fabric, cut out these squares. Repeat with the lining piece.

Image for step one to five of the sewing tutorial

6. Taking the basket outer fabric piece (right sides still together) sew down each side to join. Next to make the base of the basket flatten out and place together the side and top edge of the cut out square (folded line on the bottom edge of the bag will line up with the side seam of the bag) then sew along to secure. Repeat with the lining piece.

Images for step 6 of the sewing tutorial

7. Make the hanging loop by taking the 4x52cm piece of fabric, place right sides together and sew down the 2 sides to secure. Turn out the right way. Fold in half to create a loop.

8. Turn the basket outer Simplicity fabric piece out the right way then place inside the lining (still wrong sides together). Take the folded hanging loop and place in the middle of the back of the basket in-between the lining and outer basket fabric with the raw edges of the loop against the raw edges of the top edge of the bag. Pin around the top edge to secure then leaving a 8cm gap for turning sew around the top edge. Turn out the right way and slip stitch to close.

Image for step seven and eight of the sewing tutorial

9. Fold over the top edge of the basket by 4cm, fold the hanging loop back over the folded basket top and sew to secure.

Images for step nine of the sewing tutorial

And there you have it! Your Simplicity Vintage Sewing hanging storage baskets are complete. We hope you found this sewing tutorial useful.

2 finished Simplicity Vintage hanging storage basketss

To see more from Lesley, follow her on Instagram @hookstitchsew or visit her website

Made by Lesley Connelly for The Craft Cotton Co 2023.

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