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Fabric Pocket Pinboard - No Sew

A simple and fun little project that is both practical and beautiful - creating your own fabric covered pinboard – with additional useful ‘pocket’!



Fabric - from The Craft Cotton Co's 'Festive Mountains' Christmas collection


Staples (for Staple gun, see below)

Ribbons (optional)


Staple gun



Step 1. Fabric!

Choose your fabric for the pinboard covering. The size of the fabric required will very much depend on how large or small your pinboard is! We have used the Hobbycraft ‘Valuecraft’ pinboard here – and have allowed 5cm additionally at each edge (so 10cm wider than the pinboard) to ensure enough fabric to staple round on the reverse. Don’t forget to also allow additional fabric for your ‘pocket’ at the bottom. This will need to be as wide as your pinboard, plus the additional 10cm (at least) at the sides. The pocket fabric is folded in half as you will see below – so ensure to measure how high up you would like the pocket to be on your pinboard, double the measurement + 10cm (this allows the additional 5cm on each ‘side’ of the pocket.)

Step 2. Stapling!

Once you have cut your fabric to size, take your main pinboard covering and fold the edge of your fabric around to the reverse of the pinboard and staple into position. It is best to staple at regular intervals along one edge, before moving on to the opposite edge and repeating the same. I have chosen to ‘double fold’ the fabric – so the ‘raw’ edges of the fabric are hidden underneath – but, as you are never going to see the reverse, it doesn’t really matter – whatever is easiest and best for you! Ensure to pull the fabric taught for a nice ‘neat’ finish and staple into position. Then, continue with the two remaining sides.

Step 3. Corners!

Fold the fabric nice and taught around the corners to also secure the fabric round on the back of the pinboard with the staples. They seem trickier than they really are! You can do these at the same time as going along the edges, but ensure to catch all the ‘stray’ fabric parts from both edge sides!

Step 3. Ribbons!

As a nice additional feature, I have also added on some ribbons to the pinboard. This allows some flexibility as to how the board is used – you could use bulldog clips to attach items to the ribbons, and/or use pins on to the board. We have just used ribbons vertically – but you could also add some horizontally, or even diagonally. Secure at the back with the staple gun, pull taught and staple at the other edge to put into position.

Step 4. Pocket!

You could easily just leave the pinboard as it is now, but a useful little feature is to add a ‘pocket’ – for all those things you need to keep ‘safe’!

Take your measured and cut fabric, and fold in half. If you have a directional print on your fabric, ensure to use the ‘correct’ side facing outwards! Repeat the same as above by stapling into position on the reverse, pulling taught and neatly folding in the corners.

Et voila – a beautiful and brilliant pocket pinboard. Enjoy!

The Crafty Lass® for The Craft Cotton Company 2018

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