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Fabric Toy Basket

Make this handy toy box to keep a room tidy and stylish.

Fabrics Used:

  • I packet of Medium Weight Craf-tex Stiffener

  • 2 Half Metres of Contrasting Plain Dyed Cotton

  • 1 Set of 5 Toy Story Fat Quarters

  • I just worked to the fabric sizes I had for this tutorial.

With the Craf-Tex, make a base for the basket, I used a compass.

For the outer top (A) cut the Fat Quarter in half, Selvedge to Selvedge.

R/S to R/S join by short edge to make one long piece.

Repeat for the lining top Fat Quarter (D)

Put the lining and outer top R/S together, pin on the seam to secure.

Make a template for the internal handle.

On the W/S of the Outer Fabric and W/S of Lining Fabric place a Heavyweight interfacing, pin to secure and draw around your handle template. I placed mine central on the seam approx. 3’’ down from the top.

Once you have sewn around the handle, make a slit through the centre of all four pieces then carefully snip as close to the edge of the stitching without snipping through it.

Now turn out.. You should have a very neat handle. Topstitch around the handle.

I then added an orange and blue strip of fabric to the length following the earlier steps for the FQ pieces.

From the Orange section to the bottom I added Craf-tex Medium weight stiffener.

I then sewed a few lines across the orange section (to hold the stiffener in place and) to give a decorative look.

For the base cut another 2 circles the same size as your base template out of a contrasting plain fabric.

Pin the base with one fabric piece (Fabric side down) to the basket body, do not pin the inner to the inner base at this stage.

You are pinning two lots off stiffener, and 2 sections of fabric, take your time, it will be so much easier to sew.

You now have a cylinder shaped basket, sew around the base and match up fabrics on outer, then sew the stiffener & the two seams together. Repeat for the lining.

Bind the top of the basket. R/S to R/S with binding and basket sew in the crease as above. Then fold the binding over the top and top stitch down neatly.

Made by Nicky Hills for The Craft Cotton Company 2018

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