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Watch Strap Tutorial

This is a fabulous idea for gifting or upcycling an old watch face. Follow my tutorial to create a watch to wear over the festive season.

What you need

A watch face that has strap bars-See photo.

Needle and thread, sewing machine optional.

A fat quarter of fabric I chose the holly print from the Craft Cotton Company


Fabric marker



Knitting needle or chopstick for turning out the strap.

Step 1

Print of the watch strap template and resize to fit your watch face. Cut it out.

Step 2

Fold your fabric right sides together and trace round your pattern with a fabric marker. Pin together.

Step 3

Cut out and repeat step 2. You should now have 4 individual pieces.

Step 4

Either hand sew or use a sewing machine to stitch a pair of straps sew close to the edge being careful to catch both pieces of fabric. Ensure your fabric is sewn right sides together.

Step 5

Turn out both straps using a chopstick or knitting needle.

Step 6

Taking care press the strap faces with an iron.

Step 7

Attach both watch straps to the watch face through the bars. Fold over and pin in place neatening the raw edges with hand stitching.

Step 8

Secure both neat edges of either strap with a hand stitch.

Step 9

Tie around your wrist and give yourself a big clap.

Congratulations you now have a pretty hand made watch strap that you can change the look off over and over again! Why not use all your novelty fabrics for special occasions?

Hope you enjoyed this project

Love Carrie


Tag me in your makes on Instagram @ carrie_can_make_it #carriesprojects

Made by Carrie Marshall for The Craft Cotton Company 2018

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