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Makeup bag tutorial

You will need:

2 Fat Quarters (Up, up and away)

1 pack of Bosal Foam

1 17 Inch Zipper or longer

Step 1

Using the template provided, cut 2 outer panels, 2 lining panels and 2 foam panels, Fuse your foam to your outer panels and quilt as desired.

Step 2

Using the templates cut out and sew the darts for both outer panels and both lining panels.

Step 3

With right sides facing place 1 outer panel and 1 lining panel on top of each other and sandwich your zip in the middle with you zipper pull facing your outer panel, pin or clip into place and sew along the edge.

Repeat with the 2 remaining panels on the other side of the zip, Press and topstitch along each edge of the zipper. (This will help stop the fabric getting caught while opening and closing the zip).

Step 4

Open your zip to the middle, bring your outer panels and your lining panels together with right sides facing, matching up the darts and seams and pin or clip together. Sew all the way around leaving a 4inch gap in the lining.

Step 5

Turn your bag right sides out through the hole in the lining and sew up the hole to finish.

Made by Joanne Hart at UnicornHarts for The Craft Cotton Company 2018

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