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Novelty Woods Table Mat

What will you need?

A set of Novely Woods FQ

Calico or heavy weight fabric for backing

TOP TIP: a ¼ ‘’ seam was used all over this project, it is very important to cut the squares exactly the same size and use the same seam allowance. This helps to create matching seams!

Iron out the separate fabrics in the set.

Cut two vertical rows of 5’’ squares from each of the fabrics.

I used 4 x 5’’ cut and sewn squares and 11 plain 5.5’’ squares.

Randomly place two squares R/S together and sew all round.

From corner to corner diagonally cut the square, then again.

Open out the quarters they will now be squares. Finger press and cut off the dog ears.

A - Take the top two and sew R/S together here.

B - Then these two, R/S together here.

C - Finally sew A & B r/s together here

A plain 5.5’’ square was placed either side of the patterned square, more were added to create a rectangle.

In total, 5 across & 3 down. Keep sewing together until you have created the 15 squares.

2” strips were cut to create a border.

If you need to create longer lengths for the border, sew two strips together as below.

Place a border strip R/S together onto the edge of the mat as below and sew.

Join the side and top/bottom borders.

How to create a mitred corner:

Turn the whole thing over W/S up. Take the four corner squares and pinch diagonal creases all the way through to the outside border. Draw a line across the border and sew.

Once you have done this, press flat then cut a piece of calico or heavyweight fabric to back.

Make contrasting bias binding to attach to the outside, this is done by cutting 2.5” Strips sewing them together as we did for the border, then iron a centre line and fold top and bottom edge in towards the centre (See above photograph).

Open one part out and place R/S together, pin all around then sew in the crease.

(see previous tutorials for creating neat corners in the binding)

Lastly, fold the binding over (if sewn via the front first fold over and hand stitch the binding to the back as it’s neater, if you sew the back first you can fold over and machine stitch the front binding)

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. If you follow it and create your own please share with me on Instagram @bobbincottagebodkin

Made by Nicola Hills for The Craft Cotton Company 2018

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