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Disney Frozen Child's Apron

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

You will need:

Approx 1m fabric Approx 20 plain fabric matching thread matching bias binding tape (for ties) snap fastenings (optional) pins tape measure tracing papers (I use baking paper)

Step 1

Measure and cut out of tracing papers the pattern below, you can draw this straight onto the fabric if you prefer, remembering to place on the fold.

Step 2

Place on fold as picture below. I used the armhole for the pocket, which was cut out later.

Step 3

Bind the armhole edges by unfolding 1 side of the bias binding and placing raw edges together, stitch along the fold line.

Step 4

Press to the wrong side and stitch along the folded bias binding edge.

Step 5

On all the other raw edges press 5mm to the wrong side, then another 1cm.

Step 6

To mitre the corners on the bottom of the apron fold on the corner, then fold in the hems along the creases.

Step 7

Machine stitch all around the hems. I also like to ladder stitch the mitred corner closed.

Step 8

Attach the straps at the waist edge, I cut 2 strips of 24” and for added strength sew with a box and a cross. If using a snap fastener only stitch neck strap to one side.

Step 9

Attach the snap fastening about 2 inches from the free end of the neck strap, and the other on the top edge of the apron.

Step 10

To make the pocket sew the top edge of the pocket along the straight edge of the plain fabric, leave a small gap for turning. If you want to embroider or applique on the pocket do this before constructing the pocket.

Step 11

Press seam allowance in one direction.

Step 12

With right sides together stitch around the curved edge and trim using pinking shears or trim and clip the curved edge.

Step 13

Turn right sides out and press thoroughly. Topstitch close to the straight edge, this will close the turning gap.

Step 14

Position pocket on apron, I placed it 2” down from ties and central from left to right. Stitch in place, use a reverse stitch at each end of the pocket to reinforce. Press well to give a nice crisp professional finish

3 aprons made for my friends nieces, Amber, Hazel and Willow, who love to bake with their grandpa.

Made by Stephanie Marsh for The Craft Cotton Company 2018

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