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Pooh Bear and Friends Toddler Tidy

You will need:

Pooh Bear and Friends FQ set.

1 Plain Dyed Contrast Fabric.

Bosal Stiffener

Ric Rac and Buttons for Decoration

Step 1

Using the FQ length I cut it in half width ways for the top part of the tidy.

Repeat with the plain dyed FQ.

Add different fabric and sizes for pockets.

Step 2

Sandwich the ric rac between the R/S of the outer and lining fabrics. Pin, sew then turn out. Iron Flat.

Step 3

Place the top fabric on the Bosal Stiffener and Quilt as desired.

Step 4

On the bottom plain dyed section, place the pockets and sew. Place the top and bottom together on a calico backing fabric then sew a partition to create large pocket on bottom section. Add decoration.

Step 5

To the top right I added a ribbon cross to hold cards or notes.

Step 6

Neaten edges, once everything is sewn in place take another piece of calico and place over the R/S of the Tidy. Sew all around but leave a 3” gap. Turn out, press and sew up the gap.

Step 7

To make the hanger, cut a 3” strip and follow instructions below. Then sew down both sides.

Step 8

Sew Handle onto the back then the tidy can be hung anywhere.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. These fabrics were so adorable to work with.

If you follow my tutorial and create your own Toddler Tidy please share with me on Instagram @bobbincottagebodkin

Made by Nicola Hills for The Craft Cotton Company 2018

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