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Miffy Baby Mobile

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Make your own baby mobile with these gorgeous new Miffy fabrics.

You will need:

Miffy FQ x 5 8” (or larger) embroidery hoop (section without screw) Small amount yellow felt White felt Wadding 3mm ribbon 2 Small rings (1 optional) Matching thread Pins Paper


Step 1

Sketch shapes onto paper, approximately 6 - 8” high, and cut out (NOT USING YOUR FABRIC SCISSORS). Remember you need to add a 5mm seam allowance at some point. I added mine as I cut the fabric out.

Step 2

From each pattern piece cut 1 of wadding and 2 of your chosen fabric. Iron on the wadding or tack in place (please note I change Miffy shape on mobile)

Step 3

Cut 4 x 50cm, 1 x 60cm and 1 x 10cm length of 3mm ribbon. Place the 50cm lengths on the top of the right side of the cloud, sun, moon and rainbow, facing inwards, place the 60cm one at the top of Miffy, between the ears. Place the 10cm length on the moon, so it will be hanging down from the top point.

Step 4

Cut 12 sub rays from white felt and place around the circle, pointing inwards, machine sew in place at approx. 4mm from outer edge.

Step 5

With right sides together sew around all the shapes, leaving a gap for turning. Trim with pinking shears or clip the curves. Clip any corners.

Step 6

Turn right sides out and press. Ladder stitch gap closed if you wish. Top stitch around edges and add any detailing you wish (be careful not to sew ribbon ends into top stitching – speaking from experience).

Step 7

Cut out 2 star shapes from yellow felt and hand stitch the two together, encompassing the short ribbon hanging from the moon.

Step 8

Attached the moon, sun, cloud and rainbow to the hoop by tying the ribbon 15cm from the object to the hoop with one knot. Spread out evenly around the hoop.

Step 9

Gather to loose ends of the ribbon together, along with the Miffy one. Thread through the small ring, if using.

Step 10

Cut a strip of fabric and wadding, 2” x 6”, place wadding on wrong side of fabric and fold wrap edges to centre on the long edges. Sew the ribbon ends one end of the fabric strip as shown below. Thread a small ring into the centre of the fabric.

Step 11

Fold the fabric in half lengthways and ladder stitch down the two long edges.

Your mobile is now complete!

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Made by Stephanie Marsh for The Craft Cotton Company 2019

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