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A Winters Tail Patchwork Cushion

Project by Nicola Hills

*I did not design this Quilt pattern *

This project would be more suited to an intermediate sewer.

I found the block assembly quite mind boggling to place.

You will need:

Debbie Shore’s A Winters Tail Fat Quarter set

1/2 Metre of contrasting fabric for the envelope backing


Tools Required:



Sewing Machine

Basic Sewing Kit

How to:

Use the template and photograph to do the block colour placement.

Choose 3 of the 5 fabrics and cut required squares from each five and a quarter inch.

I found this chart on Pinterest and find it quite helpful in creating the correct squares.

When you have made the squares, press the seams flat then lay them out in the correct formation, begin to sew the first row of four together, using a 1/4” seam. Repeat for the next three rows.

Now pin number 1 & 2 rows at each seam to get a neat join, repeat ie: 3 to 2, 4 to 3.

Iron the completed front piece and lay on top of the wadding

(remember to cut the wadding approx 2” larger) pin or clip to secure.

At this point you can quilt if you wish.

Take another of the fabrics and cut 4 x 2.5” strips across lengthways, press in half.

This is the strip which ‘Frames’ the block.

Match the raw edges, top and bottom of the block with the strips, pin then sew along.

Open up the seams and press. Trim off excess.

Repeat for the sides.

Add the strips r/s facing just as before to the edge of the frame and block.

Press seams flat, turn over and press the whole cushion panel.

I then did and envelope style back.

Cut 2 pieces from the backing fabric, 1 will go r/s to r/s of the cushion front.

The other will also go r/s together but will also overlap the first piece. Pin or clip.

Now sew all around the edge with a 1/4” seam,

snip each corner unto but not through the stitching to reduce bulk.

Turn right side out and push corners out gently. Iron.

Add your cushion inner and enjoy your handmade project, or why not give it as a gift?

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, if you decide to have a go please share your makes @bobbincottagebodkin @craftcottonco

Nicola Hills x

Made by Nicola Hills for The Craft Cotton Company 2020


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