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Applique Cat Lovers Wall Hanging

Project by Kimberley Hind

This wall hanging is sure to put a smile on any cat lovers face! This is a fun way to decorate your home or why not gift it to a fellow cat fanatic. Customise the letters or change the colours of the cat face to honour your own adorable pet!

Fabric: Curious Cats

Finished size: 48cm x 68cm

What you’ll need:

  • 50cm x 50cm Cat print 1 (green)

  • 50cm x 24cm Cat print 2 (pink)

  • 50cm x 80cm plain green fabric for backing and letters

  • 50cm x 70cm wadding (Vlieseline H630)

  • 28cm x 17cm orange fabric

  • 28cm x 14cm brown fabric

  • 10cm x 5cm pink fabric

  • 4cm x 4cm black fabric

  • 6cm x 10cm white fabric

  • 80cm x 25cm fusible adhesive sheet (Vlieseline Bondaweb )

  • Clips for hanging

  • 58cm of 1cm wide wooden Dowling

  • 85cm string to hang

Cat face applique (available from

Applique alphabet (available from

1m seam allowance used unless stated otherwise


Print the applique templates and cut out each shape. Cut out the letters needed for the wording you choose.

1. Adhere the Bondaweb to the back of a piece of green fabric (enough for each letter used) and to the pieces of fabric used for the cat’s face, following the instructions on the packet.

2. Remove the paper backing from the applique shapes and arrange to the centre of cat fabric 1. Iron in place when happy with placement.

3. Cut the cat fabric 2 in half width ways so each strip measures 50cm x 12cm. Sew the two strips to the top and bottom of the cat face panel.

4. Adhere the wadding to the back of the entire panel.

5. Use a blanket stitch on your sewing machine and carefully sew around each letter and shape to finish. Use a small zigzag stitch in a contrasting colour for the whiskers and mouth of the cat face.

TIP- practice the stitches on a scrap piece of fabric before sewing on the main project! This way you can get the hang of using the stitch and make sure you’re happy with the length and width.

6. Place the panel right sides together over a backing piece of fabric and cut to the same size. Sew around the entire edge, leaving a small gap in the bottom for turning.

7. Turn right side out and press. Fold in the raw edges of the turning gap in and press.

8. Top stitch around the entire edge of the panel, making sure to close the turning gap at the same time.

9. Time to hang! Use small clips and a pole to hang in your desired room.

To see more from Kim, follow her on Instagram @whatkimberleymakes, Facebook What Kimberley Makes and check out her website

Made by Kimberley Hind for The Craft Cotton Co 2022.

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