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Autumn Decorations- Scarecrow Tutorial

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Project by Kerry Bainborrow- Hobbycraft exclusive fabrics

I hope you enjoy making this scarecrow as much as I did. Here are a few notes before you start to help you on your way:

  • All sizes are approximate.

  • A sewing machine is handy for sewing the clothes however they can be made by hand stitching.

  • My glue gun was my best friend, but be careful not to burn yourself with it. I tried to wear gloves but found that they got in the way too much. Cool melt glue sticks were the best for this project as they cooled down quicker than the hot melt glue sticks so if you did happen to catch your hands it was short lived.

That all said lets go make scarecrows……

How to make a scarecrow:


  • Fat quarters for Shirt, Trousers, Face, Neckerchief and Hat

  • Fat quarter of Hessian

  • Fabric colouring pens

  • Elastic 15cm

  • Wooden dowel 30” length by 5mm diameter

  • Oasis block or polystyrene block

  • Oasis ball or polystyrene ball – 10cm diameter

  • Glue gun and sticks

  • Raffia

  • Hand sewing needle and Cream thread

  • Sharp pointed scissors

  • Sellotape

  • Tissue Paper


1. Cut your oasis or Polystyrene to 4”widex 6”long x1.5”thick. Cut off the two top corners. This is the body.

2. Cut the oasis ball in half. One half will make one head.

3. If using oasis, wrap the body piece in tissue paper or similar and secure all the way around with Sellotape. This is to stop the oasis block from crumbling. Wrap the head piece in the same way securing with tape at the back.

4. Insert the body and head onto the wooden dowel. Be careful NOT to push the dowel through the top of the head. Secure both pieces to the dowel and each other using the glue gun.

To make top:

1. Take your chosen fat quarter and cut in half widthways. Fold the fabric over so that right sides are together and then use the top template to cut out two pieces.

2. Take each piece and sew along the bottom edge with a double hem.

I made my hem 1cm. Next take each piece and sew a single hem where the armholes are.

You should now have 2 top pieces looking like this.

3. Put the 2 pattern pieces right sides together and sew down the sides and across the top of the shoulders. Do not sew up the neck, armholes or the bottom. Turn through to the right side and press the seams flat.

4. Put the top onto the scarecrow. You may have to release some stitches around the neck to fit over the head. If so use your hand needle to sew these bits back up when on. Don’t worry about seeing the stitches as these will be covered up with the neckerchief later. Use the glue gun secure the bottom of the top onto the body.

To make the trousers:

1. Choose your fat quarter and cut in half lengthways. Fold the fabric over so that right sides are together and then use the trouser template to cut out two pieces.

2. With right sides together, sew down the top two side pieces. Take each trouser leg and sew the bottoms up with a double hem. I made my hem 1cm.

3. Now take the trousers and open out so that the two side seams face the front and back. Lay flat, line up the legs and press with an iron.

4. Sew down the inside of each leg and fold over the raw edge at the top of the trousers and sew a small hem.

5. Fold the top of the trouser hem over again and sew giving a seam allowance of 1.5cm. This will be the channel for the elastic to fit through.

6. Using a sharp pointed pair of scissors make a small hole in the inner section of the waistband which you have just sewn. Cut your elastic to 12cm and attach a safety pin to one end. Gently push this safety pin and elastic through the hole and gather the material as you go until it pops out the other end. Make sure you hold onto the loose end so that it does not slip into the seam. Sew the elastic ends together then allow this to sit back into the seam. Using a hand needle and thread sew up the small hole.

7. Turn the trousers the right way. Undo a few stitches in the crutch section so that the trousers can be fed through the dowel and then put the trousers onto the scarecrow. Do not secure the waist band with the glue gun yet as the braces still need to go on.

Accessories and extra bits:

(All the following pieces are attached using the glue gun)

Braces- Using the same material as the trousers cut 2 length of material 25 cm long x 10cm wide. Attach these onto the shirt using the glue gun. I crossed my braces over at the back. Trim off any excess. Now you can glue the trousers into place on the waistband.

Trouser patch- Using a piece of fabric from the shirt material, cut a square 25cm x 25cm and attach to the trousers using the glue gun.

Neckerchief- Use another contrasting fabric to cut a strip 30cm wide x 20cm long. Fold over with right sides together and tie this with a knot around the scarecrows neck. Use your scissors to cut the ends to length and shape.

Hair- Take the raffia and cut some lengths of hair. Use the glue gun to attach these to the back and sides of the head. Don’t worry about getting this perfect because it will be covered up with the hat.

Arms and Legs- Using the raffia again, cut lengths of 12cm long. Take one length of the raffia and wrap this around one end, tie a knot to secure. Repeat this 4 times. These will be your arms and legs.

Next take the hessian fat quarter and cut 4 pieces of material each 13cm x 10cm. Roll each one of these up and secure with the glue gun so that you have a tube. Insert your raffia arms and legs into the ends of each one of the hessian tubes securing with a glue gun. Then insert these into the arm holes and trouser legs, again secure with the glue gun.

Hat- Take your chosen fabric and cut a circle with a diameter of 25cm. Take another contrasting piece of fabric and cut a circle with a diameter of 15cm. Glue the smaller one onto the bigger one then glue this onto the head easing the edges in as you go to give a wavy effect.

To finish add any embellishments to your hat if required and using your fabric pens draw on the face.

CONGRATULATIONS!! You now have your scarecrow. I hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial and make many more using your own ideas. Don’t forget to share on my Facebook page.

To see more from Kerry, follow her Facebook page Kerrycraft!

Made by Kerry Bainborrow for The Craft Cotton Co.

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