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Halloween Bat Bunting

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Project by Stephanie Marsh

Get in the festive spooky mood with this Halloween bat bunting.

You will need:

2 fat quarters 0.5m black cotton Heavy duty interfacing (I use double sided fusible) Black cord Black thread


1. Find a bat template online and print it off. Transfer this onto some card.

2. Draw around your bat template onto the interfacing. Cut them out.

3. Pin them onto the wrong side of the 2 fat quarters. Cut them out, slightly larger than the interfacing.

4. Place the bats, wring side down, onto the wrong side of the black interfacing. Pin in place.

5. If you have used the double sided fusible interfacing steam press the allow glue to stick to fabric. If you haven't, use plenty of pins to hold them in place. Cut out.

6. Using a straight stick sew the layers together close to the raw edges.

7. Attach the bats to the cord at regular intervals but laying over the back of the bat and hold in place with a few straight stitches, back and forth over the existing sewing line.

8. Make a loop at either end of the cord for hanging.

Your bat bunting is complete!

To see more from Stephanie, visit her on Instagram @stephanie_j_marsh

We would love to see your versions, remember to tag us and use the Hashtag #craftcottonco

Made by Stephanie Marsh for The Craft Cotton Co 2021

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