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Baby and Toddler Bonnet

Project by Caroline Devonport

This is a very simple and quick bonnet tutorial that you can make with fat quarters.

You will need the following materials:

  • 3 Fat Quarters

  • Small length of Ribbon

  • Matching or coordinating thread

Start by cutting the fabric as below.

2 Bonnet pieces approx 40cm X 22cm

2 Ruffle pieces approx 55cm X 9cm

2 Tie pieces approx 55cm x 7cm

1 Binding piece approx 42cm X 4cm

Apply Interfacing to the wrong side of one of the Bonnet pieces.

Next join two pieces of ruffle together along short sides to create one long strip.

Press seam flat.

Next take tie pieces and stitch to create a tube, I decided to make the ends pointed.

One stitched turn out the right way, I like to use a tube and stick as shown in the photos below.

Once ties are the right way out, press.

Next pin ruffle to one side of the bonnet, pleat ruffle around the corners for a nice finish, I did not add enough pleats at this point, then pleat along full edge.

Then stitch close to edge, take this slowly as there are a few layers of fabric.

The pin ties into place, cover with other bonnet piece and stitch along ruffle edge before stitching along short sides.

Trim excess.

Turn out right way and press.

Stitch open end closed.

Fold binding piece as shown, alternatively use ready made wide bias binding.

Tuck ends in and press.

Open one fold and with the right together pin along the back edge. The stitch along the fold line.

Next fold over the back edge to encase in the binding and top stitch or hand stitch in place.

Next you need to insert ribbon.

I used a bodkin, but you could use a safety pin or nappy pin.

One ribbon is inserted it is very important that you secure it in place I like to through all layers in the middle of the binding, then give the ribbon a good tug to make sure it is safe.

Bonnet is now complete, ribbon can be tightened, the tighter the ribbon the smaller the bonnet.

To see more from Caroline, visit her on Instagram @the_sewing_pirate and @carolinescostume

Made by Caroline Devonport for The Craft Cotton Company 2020


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