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Baby’s First Christmas Dress

Project by Katie Done AKA The Fabric Squirrel

We have friends expecting their first baby in December. When they found out they were having a girl, I thought what better gift than a cute Christmas dress. One of my favourite Christmas collections this year is Beth Salts Jolly Robins, so I was really happy to be sent some to play with. I used an old favourite pattern. I have made it, probably a dozen times and no longer need the instructions, or so I thought. It had been so long since I made it that I got my unpicker out more times than I care to admit. Annoyingly I have misplaced the pattern since finishing the dress so I can't tell you the exact pattern, but it is an oldy and there are plenty of similar ones in this classic design.

I made it in new born size, which was the smallest option however, I would say it was more of a 3 month size. The little lady is due in December so I have a feeling that it will still drown her at Christmas. The fabric pattern is super pretty and although it does feel festive, it isn't really in your face Christmas and won't look out of place on a frosty January day.

The basic pattern is quite simple to make. Adding the collar and sleeves is what threw me a little. I usually like to hide as much of the seams as possible and pull the front through its sleeves. I forgot that this doesn't work when you have sleeves to add! This is where the unpicker came in.

The only major change I made to this pattern, was add buttons on the back rather than a zip. I always think a zip on the back of a baby’s neck must be uncomfortable so, some small smooth buttons, very well sewn on seem much friendlier. I didn’t need to add any extra width to the back pieces.

I don't want to put you off making this dress. There are very few pattern pieces to put together and the finished result, I think you would agree, is adorable.

My biggest tip for this dress, and any pattern really, is to read all the instructions first and batch sew everything. There are lots of parts that you can sew together and then press together. It saves lots of bobbing up and down from the machine to the ironing board. I cut all the pieces and matched up the bodice, sleeves, skirt and collar. I could then sew and press everything together. I hate leaving the iron on too, so I am sure the bulk pressing helps with the electric bill.

The pink adds an extra pop. If I didn't have the contrasting fabric, the simple dress pattern could easily be pimped up a bit with ribbons and trim.

Hand sewing is not my favourite thing at all. However, when it comes to finishing off something special it is the only option. I have handstitched the inside of the lining to hide the fastening opening and the waistline seams. No new born wants the seams rubbing on their brand new skin.

A young lady can't be flashing her nappy, so I always like to make a matching nappy cover with a baby dress. I wrote this pattern back in 2019 when the Craft Cotton Company launched their first Miffy collection. You can still get the pattern for it here.

I hope you are feeling inspired to sew something festive for a little person in your life this Christmas!

To see more from Katie, follow her on Instagram @thefabricsquirrel, Facebook, and check our her blog!

Made by Katie Done for The Craft Cotton Co 2022.

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