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Easy Girls Skirt

This is a really simple way to make a quick skirt for kids. It honestly took me less than 10 minutes! I followed a tutorial on YouTube by The Crafty Gemini called How to Make a Simple Girls Skirt so have a look at that for her tutorial. It's really well explained and easy to follow.

All you need is a piece of fabric measuring double the width of the child's waist measurement and the length you'd like the skirt to be. Add double + 1/2 the length of the elastic you want to use to length and that's the size of fabric you need. (this is slightly different to the video instructions as to make it even quicker.) My elastic is 1" so I will add 2.5" to the length.

The elastic should measure the same as your child's waist measurement.

So for me, my daughters waist is approx. 22" so I measured a piece of fabric 44" wide and 10" long. Add 2.5" for the waist band so my final fabric piece was 44" x 12.5" and the elastic is 22" long.

Sew the piece of fabric right sides together lengthways to form a tube.

I went slightly off track from the video here after watching it as I was in a rush -

I serged the hem (if you want to roll the hem then add this measurement to the fabric before cutting) A step I missed was serging the top of the fabric too, this will prevent the fabric from fraying. Whoops!

Press the top edge of the skirt over by just less than 1/2" more than the size of the elastic to form the casing. So I pressed it over about 1.25". Sew along the raw edge leaving enough room for the elastic to feed through and leave a gap at the back.

Feed the elastic through the casing you've just created, use a safety pin attached to one side to make this easier!

Sew the ends of the elastic together using a zig zig stitch.

sew the opening of the casing closed.

And there you have it! So quick I even whipped up a scrunchy to match.

Made by Kimberley Sews, visit her blog What Kimberley Makes for more projects!


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