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Button Flower Cushion

Project by Rebecca Cole

The sun is shining, the outdoors is calling, so what is more lovely than some outdoor furnishings in the Garden range of fabrics. This fun cushion uses applique techniques and also turns all those unwanted shirt buttons we all have laying around into something fun and quirky!

Time to Make:

1-2 hrs

Skill Level:


You Will Need:

· In The Garden Cotton metre pieces (x1) and FQ (x2)

· 42cm white zip

· Vlieseline bondaweb

· Lots of old white shirt buttons of different sizes

· 1 large white/off white button approx. 3-4cm wide

· Sewing machine (that has the ability to free motion sew)

· Free motion sewing foot, zipper sewing foot

· Brother Scan & Cut (optional)

· Black and white sewing thread

· Straight pins

· Tape measure

· Ruler

· Fabric Pen

· Fabric scissors

· Iron

· Hand sewing needle

· 40cm square cushion pad


1. Select 2 of the fat quarters and cut a 30cm square from each one. Adhere bondaweb to the reverse of each square. Using your Scan & Cut, cut out 6 ellipse shapes, 12cm x 7cm, from each piece of fabric, so that you have 12 in total.

2. Cut out a panel of fabric 82cm x 42cm. Mark the centre and draw a circle 10cm diameter around this central point. Peel off the backing paper from your bondaweb shapes and position them around the circle edge to form petal shapes, overlapping each one all the way around. Adhere them in place with your iron.

3. Set up your sewing machine for free motion sewing by dropping the feed dogs and attaching a free motion foot. Thread up with black thread. Stitch around each petal and also ‘draw’ lines from the centre halfway up each petal to create ‘creases’ in the petals.

4. Separate your old shirt buttons into different sizes. Starting with the smallest ones, start to stitch them in place around the outside of the circle shape that you drew in step 2. You wont be able to see the pen line anymore as it with be hidden underneath the petal shapes but you can still recreate the shape. The buttons will sit over the petal ends.

5. Gradually start to build up the buttons in rings, choosing larger buttons as you get towards the centre. Allow the buttons to overlay each other to create a feeling of fullness and to hide the fabric underneath. Keep stitching until you have about a 2.5cm circle left in the middle.

6. Stitch your large button in the very centre of the flower. The button should sit over the smaller ones. Add a medium sized button on top of the large one for further texture.

7. Place one of the short edges of the cushion fabric face up on the work surface and lay the zip face down along the edge. Pin and stitch in place. Next, turn the cushion fabric over and lay the second short edge face up. Lay the other side of the zip tape face down along the edge. Pin and stitch in place.

8. Turn the fabric round so that you are looking at he right side of the fabric and the front of the zip. Press the fabrics down away from the zipper. Stitch a line of top stitching a few mm away from the zipper teeth to help hold the fabric flat.

9. Turn the loop of fabric round the wrong way so that you are looking at the wrong side of the fabric. Position the fabric so that the zip runs centrally down the middle. There should be a fabric fold approximately 20cm either side of the zip. Pin and stitch along the top and bottom edges, using a 1cm seam allowance. Trim the excess from the corners and, pulling the zip open a little, turn the cushion cover through to the right way. Press the sides and corners to complete.

To see more from Rebecca, follow her on Instagram @becky_cole_sews

Made by Rebecca Cole for The Craft Cotton Company 2021

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