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Childs Sunhat

Project by Gill Rich

Summer wouldn't be summer without a sunhat, these hats are easy to make and you can use some lovely summer fabrics.

You will need the following:

Two different fabrics, I chose two fat quarters from the Ice Lolly range from Craft Cotton Co

Co-ordinating thread

Tape measure/Ruler

Sewing needle

1. Using the template attached, cut out 6 pieces each in your main fabric and your lining fabric. Cut a strip for the brim using your main fabric, measuring 30" x 5".

2. Taking your main fabric, sew two of the hat pieces together using a 1/4" seam allowance. Press seams flat. Add another piece to make three in total stitched together. Repeat to make another set of three.

3. Sew the two halves of the hat together. Press seam allowances and topstitch.

4. Repeat this process for lining.

5. Next you need to make the ruffle brim. Fold the long strip in half with long edges together with wrong sides together. Press. Open the strips fold in half with short edges together and with right sides together and stitch the ends. You now have a circle.

6. Set your sewing machine to the largest stitch length and stitch the raw edges together at 3/8”. Repeat about 1/4" in to form two lines of gathering stitches.

7. Mark the halfway point opposite the seam, this will help you to attach the top of the hat. Pull bobbin threads to gather brim and evenly distribute the gathers around the brim.

Line up the seam of the brim with one of the seams of the hat and pin the brim to the hat.

8. Sew the brim using a 1/2" seam allowance. Pull out your gathering threads and give the brim a press.

Insert the lining inside the hat with the wrong sides together. Fold over a small hem on the lining and attach to the brim hiding your raw edges.

9. Using a small slip stitch, hand sew the lining to the brim. You can if you wish, stitch in the ditch from the outside of the hat..

And there you have it, you can make lots of these using really cool and funky fabrics!!

Made by Gill Rich for The Craft Cotton Company 2020

To see more from Gill, visit her on Instagram @designbygill66


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