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Christmas Dog Coat

Project by Stephanie Marsh

Fabric: Christmas Snooze - Freddie & Friends Together at Christmas (2897-04)

You will need:

  • 1 dog coat and paper

  • ½ - 1m Christmas fabric, depending on pattern (I used a metre so the pattern ran from top to bottom)

  • ½ m fleece

  • 3 m cotton bias binding

  • Velcro

  • Coordinating thread


1. Using the dog coat as a template draw around the main body onto the paper, cut out and out to one side.

2. Lay the fleece out, right side down, place the cotton on top, right side up.

3. Put a few pins in to hold it in place.

4. Using a heat (or water) erasable pen draw a straight diagonal line across the cotton fabric.

5. On your sewing machine stitch along the drawn line. The again at regular intervals until all the fabric is quilted. Repeat the other way to make diamond shapes in the quilting.

6. Lay the quilted fabric down, right sides up. Pin the paper pattern to the fabric and cut out.

7. Take your bias binding and lightly finger press lengthways.

8. Starting on the neck edge enclose all the raw edges with the bias binding.

9. Work your way around all the edges, I like to hold the binding in place with clips, but you can use pins or just sew in place as you go.

10. Stitch in place.

11. From the rest of the quilted fabric cut 2 pieces 10” x 5”. Neaten around all the edges using a close zig zag stitch, rounding the corners.

12. About 14” from the very top of the coat pin and stitch the above oblongs to the main body of the coat.

13. Cut a 4” strip of Velcro, place the hook on one side of the cotton (outer fabric) and the loop on the corresponding side of the fleece (lining). Stitch in place.

14. Cut 3 x 4” strips of Velcro and stitch in place on the corresponding tabs that go under the dogs tummy. Put the hooks on the cotton and the loops on the fleece. Stitch in place.

To see more from Stephanie, follow her on Instagram @stephanie_j_marsh.

Made by Stephanie Marsh for The Craft Cotton Co 2022.

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