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Christmas Elf Apron

Project by Daisy Lawn

Create your own apron for the holiday festivities with this fun Elf the Movie Christmas fabric.

What you need

-Old apron

-1 metre of outer fabric -1 metre of inner fabric (I have used a heavier weight white cotton to give body and weight) -1⁄4 metre of contrast fabric for pocket -Scissors, machine, matching threads and bobbins


1. Fold outer and inner fabrics, lay together and using an old apron again folded, lay the folds together and cut around.

2. Cut out waist straps and neck strap 3 1⁄2” x The length which will be dependant upon your size. I used lengths of 28” for all and will alter the neck strap accordingly when attaching. Fold 1⁄4” along edge and press, fold approx 1” along opposite side and press, place the 1⁄4” fold over the raw edge 1” one end make a 1⁄4” fold for the finished end

3. Cut out your pocket the length and depth you require (personal choice) This should be a folded piece of fabric so the pocket is nicely lined. Now all our pieces are ready.

4. Stitch the full length of all straps.

5. Stitch across the ends of the waist straps.

6. Lay the folded pocket fabric to your desired height.

7. Flip it over so the raw edges are facing upward and folded edge downward.

8. Stitch across.

9. Flip back upward to final position.

10. Mark where you want to divide the pocket ( I marked central) and stitch the divided marker and both sides in place (each side should have folded 1⁄4” ends).

11. Lay the outer unit face up and position the waist straps, pin and fold to the centre.

12. Lay the inner fabric on top and pin all around, stitch all around leaving the neck opening.

13. Turn right side out through the neck opening and press well, fold the neck opening inward 1⁄2” and position the neck strap, pin and place over your head to acquire the correct length.

14. Stitch in place with top stitching and continue all around the apron, final press.

Made by Daisy Lawn for The Craft Cotton Company 2021


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