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Christmas Gnome Cushion

Project by Lesley Connelly

This Christmas themed gnome cushion is perfect for adding in a little more Christmasy-ness into your home this Festive season. It would also make a great gift and you could even personalise them with the name of the recipient.



  • Icy snowman: 1 piece 46x46cm, 2 pieces 46x50cm.

  • Gingerbread wreaths: 2 pieces 28x30cm.

  • Elves and foliage: 1 piece 30x28cm.

  • Pink Fabric (a fat quarter from the pink essential trends range is great for this) - or you can use pink felt: 1 circular piece with a 16cm diameter.


  • 45x45cm cushion pad.

  • Thread.

  • Needle.

  • Scissors.

  • Pins.

  • 25g ball of DK wool.

How to:

1. Take the Elves and foliage 30x28cm piece of fabric and fold in half so it is 15x28cm. Starting 10cm from the bottom edge cut the fabric so it starts to curve in slightly towards the top. This forms the body of the gnome.

2. Take one the Gingerbread wreaths 28x30cm pieces of fabric and fold in half so it is 15x20cm. Starting from the base cut the fabric to form the hat. Next making sure to have the fabric with its raw edges to the left, cut a curved line starting from the bottom left hand corner to 1cm up from the bottom at the folded edge on the right hand side. Repeat with the other fabric piece. These will form the hat.

3. Take the two hat pieces and place right sides together, sew around the edges to secure leaving a 4cm gap for turning. Turn out the right way and slip stitch the gap closed.

4. Take the circular pink fabric piece and place right side down, fold in the edge by 0.5cm and sew around, pull the thread to form a fabric yo yo. Sew a couple of stitches to secure. This will form the nose.

5. Take the Icy snowman 45x45cm piece, this will form the front of the cushion, place the body of the gnome on top. Sew around to secure.

6. Take the hat piece and place onto of the body, position it so it fits with the side edges of the hat aligning with the body edges, don’t secure the hat but pin a line along the bottom edge of the hat to give a guide for the beard.

7. Take the white wool and create large loops to form the beard sew the loops to secure at the top of the beard just above the pinned hat line. Complete another row above the first.

8. Place the hat on the front of the cushion and sew to secure.

9. Sew the nose onto the front of the cushion.

10. Place the front cushion piece right side up then take the 2 the Icy snowman 46x50cm pieces of fabric, fold in half so they are 26x25cm then place one top of the front piece with the raw edge along the top raw edge of the front cushion piece, then place the second piece with its raw edges along the bottom edge of the front cushion piece with the folded top edges overlapping in the middle of the cushion to create the back. Make sure the beard and hat top point is not caught up in the seam before sewing.

11. Sew around to secure.

12. Turn out the right way and cut the loops of the beard.

To see more from Lesley, follow her on Instagram @hookstitchsew and don't forget to visit her website!

Made by Lesley Connelly for The Craft Cotton Co 2022.

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