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Delilah Do Dolly Bed Set

Project by By Sarah Holliman at SarahJaneStitchery

The Delilah Do dolly bed set is perfect for making sure your little friends have a good night’s sleep. Delilah Do is my rag doll made here @SJStitchery. The bed set comprises of mattress, mattress topper, sheets, pillow and a patchwork quilt.

You will need;

  • Selection of Craft Cotton Co, fabric totalling about 2 metres/ or 2 fat quarter packs.

  • Co-ordinating scrap fabrics can also be used as many of the finished pieces are no larger than 12x16 inches.

  • 1 Metre backing fabric

  • 1 metre of wadding (I used 2oz wadding) or preferred quilting fibre

  • Felt for Mattress Buttons

  • Toy stuffing for Pillow (could also use remnants of wadding)

  • Pins/Scissors/Ruler/Pencil/Thread

  • Quilting safety pins for holding the panel layers together


1. Lay out all the pieces of your fabric selection and press with an iron.

2. Decide which fabrics you are going to use for each piece. You will need;

Mattress 1: 2 pieces for the Mattress - top and backing

Mattress topper: 2 pieces for the Topper - Top and backing

Sheet 1: 2 Pieces - Top and backing

Sheet 2: 2 Pieces - Top and backing

Pillow: 2 Pieces and also fabric for the frill

Quilt: Remnants cut into 2 inch squares (approx 80) and Backing fabric approx. 12x16 inches

Depending on the size of the doll, decide how big or small you will need your bed set. For my 12 inch Delilah Do Doll, I am using pieces of fabric roughly 12x16 inches.


1. To make the Pillow:

Cut two pieces of fabric measuring 9x11 inches.

For the pillow filling, I have used some excess wadding folded over several times to make a pillow shape - you could also use toy filling.

2. I have added a frill to the outside of my pillow in matching fabric (this is optional - you could leave it plain if you wish).

For the frill, cut 4, 2 inch wide strips of approximately 23 inches in length.

Join the strips together, fold the strip in half to make it 1 inch wide and press.

Along the raw edge of the strip, run a gathering thread through the length of the fabric to form a ruffle.

5. Tack the ruffle to the right side of the fabric rectangle before sewing up the pillow seams.

6. With right sides together, sew all around the pillow seams, leaving a gap in one side for turning and stuffing the pillow.

7. Turn the pillow out and press with an iron.

8. Stuff the pillow and sew up the gap.


9. For the sheets (I made 2 sheets in different fabrics, one for the mattress cover and one for the top sheet);

For each sheet, take 2 pieces of fabric measuring approximately 11x20 inches (one for the front and a co-ordinating one for the back).

10. Lay right sides together and stitch all the way around the fabric, leaving a gap for turning. Turn out the right way, sew up the gap and press with an iron.


11. To make the mattress;

Take two pieces of fabric approximately 11x20 inches (same as for the sheets).

12. Secure your piece of wadding (or two if you want the mattress thicker)

in-between the layers.

13. With right sides together, stitch all the way around the mattress,

leaving a gap for turning.

14. Turn out the right way and sew up the gap.

15. For a mattress effect, I quilted all the way through the mattress in a diamond pattern.

16. To add a ‘buttoned’ effect to the mattress, I cut out several small felt circles (about the size of a button) and stitched these into the criss crosses of the mattress.

17. Make a mattress topper in the same way using different fabrics.


18. For the quilt cut approximately 80 x 2 inch squares for the front of the quilt.

19. Sew the squares together, starting with blocks of four, with 1/4inch seam allowance. Press the seams flat throughout.

20. Decide the design of your quilt. For this quilt, I used 5 blocks of 4 squares on the side and four blocks of 4 squares along the top and bottom to make a rectangle quilt.

21. When your quilt top is complete secure the wadding to the top layer.

22. With right sides together, add the backing fabric to the quilt layers and secure in place with quilting safety pins.

23. Quilt through all the layers, I followed the straight lines of the patchwork squares.

24. Trim the excess wadding so that it is exactly the same size as your quilted panel.

25. To make the quilt binding, cut 2.25 inch width strips of fabric and sew the lengths together to make a continuous strip. Fold the strip to make a bias binding and sew the binding the front of the quilt, folding the edges neatly.

26. Slip stitch the binding to the back of the quilt, over the stitching lines.

27. Add your quilt to your bedding set.

Your bed set is now complete.

Depending on your time scale, you could make accessories and clothing to match. My Delilah Do Doll has a matching set of pyjamas!


To see more from Sarah, visit her on Instagram @sjstitchery

Made by Sarah Holliman for The Craft Cotton Co 2021


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