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Diamond Wall Hanging

You will need: Fat Quarter Set - Classic Tile Wool Thread Wadding Backing Fabric Wooden Dowel

Tools Required: Basic Sewing Kit Sewing Machine Pom Pom Maker Cutting Mat and Ruler

Instructions: Cut fabric strips 3” wide, then 64 diamond shapes using an angle of 45 degrees on your cutting mat.

Lay them out in a pattern which suits you.

Begin to sew in rows. TOP TIP use a 1⁄4” seam allowance, pin the first few so you understand how to place the diamonds before you sew.

I arranged them two to a row (in a V shaped pattern x 4 leaving the point down the bottom)

Press each seam flat.

Cut off ‘dog ears’

When you have all 8 rows you then stitch them together, remember to keep to your pattern it’s a good idea to take a picture on your mobile phone, you can check if you have the layout you wanted.

Once all the rows are sewn and pressed, there is two ways of doing the next step.

1) lay out your Backing Fabric & Wadding then place your wall hanging on top. This will need to be bound and with those points might be a bit tricky which is why I went for the easy option *wink*

2) Just place the wadding underneath the wall hanging top piece. Smooth out and pin or clip to secure. I like to top stitch around my project to hold it in place. Then you can quilt as required.

If you did step 2, once you have quilted place the backing fabric R/S to R/S with the wall hanging and sew around the edge all round, leaving a 3” gap at the top to turn out.

Turn out your wall hanging paying particular caution to the points, use a pokey out tool gently. Iron, then hand sew the gap at the top.

Next, make 4 big fluffy Pom Poms ☺ There are several ways, I have a Pom Pom Maker. Once made and tied off I used strong thread to tie all around the pom pom middle, leaving two long threads, sew them straight onto each of the points.

The Quote was added afterwards by using a Cricut machine and Heat Press I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Please share your makes with us @bobbincottagebodkin @craftcottonco

x Nicola Hills x

Made by Nicola Hills for The Craft Cotton Company 2020

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