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Dresden Cushion

Project by Angela Harkness

Create a traditional Dresden plate cushion with a delightful button centre piece to add a burst of pattern and colour tones to your home decor.

Ability/skill level of project: Intermediate


Fat Quarter pack

1/2 metre of white fabric for cushion front and backing

EZ Quilting Dresden Acrylic Template

Wadding 20” x 20”

Calico 20” x 20”

Button selection


Step 1: Cut out all fabrics as required:

-Fabric strips 6.5” wide in each of the five patterned fabrics (to avoid wastage, cut the fabric strip from each of the five fabrics then top and tail the template to fit)

-From each of the strips, cut 4 Dresden blades out of each fabric

Step 2: Sewing the points of the Dresden blades:

-Fold the fat end of the blade with right sides together, pin in place

-Sew the short seam. Chain piecing here is really useful as it saves time and thread (cat in the background is optional)

-Trim the corner, turn through the point carefully and press

-Repeat for all 20 blades

Step 3: Sewing the blades together:

-Decide on colour/pattern layout then start stitching

-Match up two blades, right sides together, sew along one edge using ¼ “ seam

-press seam to one side

-Repeat until all five patterned blades are stitched together

Step 4: Repeat until there are four sets of five blades stitched together

-Sew two together to create a half-circle

Step 5: Repeat this to give a second half-circle

-position both half-circles together and sew along joining seams

-press carefully

Step 6: Cut cushion front 18.5” x 18.5”

-Layer up with wadding and calico backing, spray baste these together

-Find the centre of the cushion front and mark with a cross with a temporary marker

-Position the Dresden onto the cushion front, using the marked lines to centralise then pin or spray baste in place

Step 7: Quilt the cushion front as desired then secure the inner circle with a zigzag stitch

Step 8: Choose a selection of complementary buttons for the centre of the Dresden and stitch in place (cuppa is optional!)

Step 9: Preparing envelope back of cushion:

- Cut cushion back pieces 18.5” x 12.5”

Carefully fold over a double turned hem along the inner side edge of each back fabric piece and press

-Topstitch the hem in place, adjusting your needle position to stitch close to the turned edge

Step 10: Making the cushion cover:

-Lay out fabric pieces: front facing up with back panels on top facing down, overlapping each other for the envelope back

-Clip or pin in place

-Sew around all four sides of the cushion cover then finish with overcast stitch

-Trim corners, turn out and press

Ta da!

To see more from Angela, visit her on Instagram @angerellas_crafts

Made by Angela Harkness for The Craft Cotton Company 2020


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