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Fabric Letters

Project by Stephanie Marsh

You will need:

2m fabric, I chose 50cm of 4 fabrics Wadding 2m plain cotton for back (sheeting will do) Thread


1. Print off letters from word, choose a style you like and enlarge them to fit inside a 5” block, make the letters approximately 4” in size. Cut them out and work out how many of each letter you want, this is how many I made of each:

A – 5, B – 2, C – 3, D – 2, E - 5, F – 2, G -2, H -2, I -5, J- 2, K -2, L -2, M -2, N -2, O -5, P -2, Q -1, R – 3, S – 3, T – 3, U - 5, V – 2, W – 2, X – 1, Y – 2, Z - 1

2. Cut out 5-inch squares in the fabric, wadding and backing fabric, enough to cover your chosen amount of letters.

3. Sandwich wadding between back fabric and main fabric, with the right sides facing out, pin layers together.

4. On the backing fabric, using a heat or water erasable pen trace around the lettering, 1 to each piece of fabric. NOTE: remember to reverse the lettering, you are tracing onto the back.

5. Now, using a matching or contrasting thread, sew on the lines you have traced onto the backing, sewing through all layers. I used a slightly larger stitch due to the amount of layers. When sewing curves works slowly, when turning corners leave the need on the machine in the down position, lift up the foot, turn work, lower foot and continue sewing.

6. When you have finished sewing them all remove the erasable pen marks. 7. Cut around each letter with pinking shears, if available, if not cut approximately 4mm away from sewn edge.

Made by Stephanie Marsh for The Craft Cotton Company 2020


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