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Fabric Trinket Tray for Father's Day

Project by Sarah Holliman

You will need:

Two Pieces of Fabric measuring 12.5x12.5 inches

Piece of Bosal R Form measuring 12x12 inches

Rotary cutter and Ruler



1. Using a rotary cutter and ruler, cut the following pieces;

Cut 2 pieces of contrasting fabric measuring 12.5 x 12.5 inches.

Cut 1 piece of Bosal R Form measuring 12x12 inches.

2. Iron the Bosal to the wrong side of one of the 12.5 inch fabric pieces.

3. Take the other 12.5 inch fabric piece and place on top of the right side of the bosal fabric piece with the wrong side facing upwards. Pin into place.

4. With right sides of the fabric together, stitch around all 4 sides, leaving a gap for turning.

5. Turn the piece out and sew up the gap.

6. Press with an iron.

7. Take one corner and flatten into a triangle shape. Measure 2 inches in from the edge and sew a straight line down the triangle shape.

8. Repeat for all four corners.

9. Press with an iron to shape.

Accessorise your tray as desired.

To see more from Sarah, visit her on Instagram @sjstitchery

By Sarah Holliman for The Craft Cotton Company 2021

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