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Father's Day Bag

Project by Paula at The Crafty Lass

Create a simple drawstring bag with decoration for Fathers Day this year.

You Will Need:



(Optional, decorative iron-on vinyl)


Fabric scissors



Measuring tape


Iron and ironing board

Large safety pin


1. Select, measure and cut out your fabrics and ribbon

To make the bag as the example, you will need the below fabric measurements:

2 x Outer - Height 40cm x Width 30cm

2 x Inner - Height 40cm x Width 30cm

Ribbon – you will need at least 140cm (you need enough ribbon to be longer than 4 x the width of your bag, plus additional length for a knot.)

2. Press your fabrics and mark out your ribbon casing points:

Take one of your ‘outer’ bag pieces and Mark from the top at 7cm and 8.5cm down on both height sides.

3. Place your other outer fabric on to this one, right sides together. Sew with a 1cm seam allowance from the top down to the first casing point, back stitch to secure before removing your needle and ‘jumping’ to the next casing point to leave a gap. Start sewing again, use a back stitch to secure from your second lower casing point and sew to the bottom of your bag. Pivot and sew along the bottom. Sew up the other side and repeat as with previous side with the casing.

4. Now to sew your fabric inner. There is no casing on this one - so it is a straight stitch down one side, pivot and sew along the bottom, pivot and sew up the other side.

5. Fold your outer fabric bag out the right way and fold so that your casing ‘gap’ is within your fabric fold by just over 1cm. Press into position.

6. Fold over your inner by the same amount and press.

7. Sew in a simple straight stitch all the way around your folded over fabric just below your casing gap.

8. Using a safety pin on the end of your ribbon, push this through your casing gap and all the way round your casing gap. Make sure you leave enough ribbon for when the drawstring is completely open and some extra to knot as below.

9. Knot your ribbon to secure. Repeat this from your opposite casing side.

10. Insert your inner lining inside the outer fabric layer.

11. Sew in a simple straight-line stitch around the top of the bag ensuring the ribbons are inside and the casing is complete.

12. Secure your threads and double check the ribbons aren’t caught in the sewing before pulling together as a drawstring.

13. Additionally, if liked you could decorate the bag using iron-on vinyl, embroidery, fabric paints, buttons – or with additional fabric, whatever you would like to personalise your bag!

Et voila! A fabric gift bag… Enjoy!

The Crafty Lass®

Made by Paula Milner at The Crafty Lass for The Craft Cotton Company 2021

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