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Flower Button Upcycling Flip Flops

Project by Sarah Holliman at SJStichery

Jazz up a pair of flip flops with some beautiful fabric flowers.

You will need:

One pair of flip flops

A fat quarter pack

Buttons for flower centres

Scissors/Rotary Cutter and Mat/ Pins/Thread/Needles

Method - Button Flower Flip Flop

The method is the same for both of the flip flop projects but the flowers differ slightly.

1. For each flower (I used 6 on each flip flop), Cut six 4cm circles from your fabric piece.

2. Fold each circle piece into a quarter shape and run a gathering stitch along the curved edge of the piece.

3. Repeat this process for all 6 petal pieces, keeping them all on one string, ready for gathering.

4. Gather all 6 of the petals together, pull thread tightly and secure into a ring to form the flower shape.

5. If you are using a thicker cotton fabric, you may find there will be a hole in the centre of your flower. Run a gathering thread around the centre of the hole and pull flower into place. The gap can be covered with a large button.

6. Arrange and secure your flower shapes to your flip flop. You could sew these into place or use a hot glue gun as preferred.

Method - Rounded Flower Flip Flop

1. To make the Rounded Flower Flip Flop, cut 7 circles of 5cm in size.

2. Fold the circle into a semi-circle and use a running stitch along the curved edge of the half. String 6 semi-circles onto your thread and pull the thread to gather the shape, exactly the same as the method for the pointed flower above.

3. Use the seventh circle piece to make the centre of the flower. Run small running stitches around the outside of the circle and gather to form a button shape.

4. Stitch the button circle into the centre of the flower.

5. Arrange and secure your flower shapes onto your flip flop as


To see more from Sarah, visit her on Instagram @sjstitchery

Made by Sarah Holliman for The Craft Cotton Company 2021

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