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Half Square Flare Cushion Cover - Feat. Indian Summer

Project by Jo Eldred

I used an Embroidery file from SWPea using my Brother V3 Embroidery Machine.

Using the new 'Indian Summer' collection by Make + Believe Fabrics collaboration with the V&A from Craft Cotton Co.

You are given step by step instructions on how to place the fabric down.

The final step is to stitch the pattern, you can skip this step if you just wish to see the Half Square pattern.

Repeat this step 4 more times or as many as you wish, I have made a 4 sq cushion but you could make a quilt. The biggest decision now is which pattern to choose?

To make an envelope opening I cut 2 panels from Plain Dyed Homespun Cream from Craft Cotton Co.

16 inch by 16inch cut in half and fold back 1inch and stitch a seam.

Lay both pieces RST and stitch ¼ seam allowance around all 4 sides.

Snip the points from the corners so when you turn them out you get a nice crisp corner.

To see more from Jo, follow her on Instagram @jojewelsoutoftime, and Facebook!

Made by Jo Eldred for The Craft Cotton Co 2022.

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