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V&A Indian Summer Scarves

Project by Sarah Holliman AKA SJ Stitchery

Fabric: Indian Summer White and Indian Summer Sage

You will need:

  • V&A Indian Summer fabric and a couple of fat quarters. To make one large scarf I used one half a metre length of Craft Cotton Co. You could also use a combination of fabrics but one scarf will probably use about a metre of different fabrics in total.

  • Scissors/ Pins/Thread/Needle

This is a beautiful project to make your own scarf. It is a relaxing weekend project and can be made in so many different variations.

It can be made using remnants of fabric in a patchwork design or even as a single panel of your most favourite fabric. Depending on the amount of fabric you wish to use, the scarf can easily be adapted to your own personal unique style.

At the end of the project you will have your own beautiful scarf to wear in style.

Making the scarf:

1. Lay out your fabric and decide the colours and fabrics you want to use in your project.

For the main body of my scarf, I cut 2 panels of fabric measuring approximately 110 x 50cm, one for the front and one for the back. You could use fat quarters and patchwork the pieces together as I have done for one of my scarves, but I found by creating the central panel first, it then gave me an idea of how I wanted the remainder of the scarf to look.

2. To make additional panels for the ends of the scarf, I cut four sets of 3 fabric strips of approx. 25 x 10cm. Sew each of the strips together, ensuring they are wide enough to fit the width of the scarf. You may wish add extra strips to the sides of the panels to ensure they fit to the width of the main panel, my side borders were 25cmx 4cm. You will need to sew four complete panels in total – one for the front and back of each end of the scarf.

3. Sew each panel piece together and press the seams flat with an iron.

4. Trim all the panels with a rotary cutter to ensure they are all the same size.

5. With right sides together, pin each end piece to the bottom of each large panel. If you want all your pattern pieces to look the same on both sides of your scarf, pay attention the direction of the pattern when you are placing the pieces at this point.

6. Sew all four end panels in place and press seams flat with an iron. You should now have your two sides of the scarf with the end panels complete. If you decide you want your scarf to be longer at this point, just add extra panels or strips to suit.

7. Place the two right sides of the scarf together and pin.

8. Sew down the length of the sides, leaving the ends open for the frill.

9. To make the frill, cut a length of fabric of approx. 100x10cm wide and hem the bottom. Gather the top of the fabric with small running stitches until the frill fits the width of the scarf.

10. Insert the frill the base of the scarf panel and stitch into place.

11. Place the other side of the end panel on top of the frill and sew all three layers of fabric together.

12. Repeat this process for the other scarf end, but leave a gap to turn the scarf out the right way.

13. Turn the scarf out the right way, sew up the gap and press with an iron.

14. Your scarf is now complete and ready to wear.

To see more from Sarah, follow her on Instagram @sjstitchery and check out her website!

Made by Sarah Holliman for The Craft Cotton Co 2022.

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