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Infinity Scarf with Secret Pocket

Project by Steph

What you need:

  • Sewing Machine (you’ll need your normal sewing foot and a zip foot)

  • Thread

  • Scissors

  • Pins

  • 9” (23cm) Zip

  • 8 pieces of fabric measuring 52.5cm wide x 24cm tall (Main scarf)

  • 2 pieces of fabric measuring 23cm wide x 20cm tall (Pocket)

When cutting out your fabric, if it’s a directional print like mine you need to make sure the pattern runs along the width.

Optional: Hand needle and thread for closing.

Let’s start!

First we need to pin together the 8 pieces of fabric. We’ll pin these together along the longer edges to make one long piece of fabric.

Then we need to sew them. I use a ¾ inch seam allowance all throughout.

You can finish the edges with an overlocker if you want to, or an over casting foot on your sewing machine. Personally, I don’t.

Now fold this in half, holding the 2 short ends together.

Pop a pin in either side to mark the middle and then unfold the fabric again.

Lay the fabric right side up, and pop your zip, teeth down, on top. Make sure the pin you put in as a marker is in the centre of your zip and that the edge of the zip tape is against the edge of your fabric.

Pin the zip to the fabric.

Next, take one of the pocket pieces and lay that right side down on top of the zip. Again, make sure you align the edges and then pin this too.

In effect you will have sandwiched the zip in between the fabric.

On your sewing machine you will need to swap over to your zip foot.

Sew along the full length of the zip.

We now need to attach the zip to the other side of the scarf.

Flip your fabric over.

Make sure the part you’ve just sewn is out of the way.

Fold the fabric in half almost so that the 2 long sides are close together.

(You need to make sure your seams all match at this point!)

Align the sides and repeat as above for the other side of the pocket.

Once the zip and pocket pieces are attached we need to pin all along the length of the long side.

Make sure as you go that all of the seams match and that the seam allowances are all going in the same direction. It is also helpful to open the zip half way.

Swap back to your regular sewing machine foot.

Sew all along the long edge and around the pocket. Remember we are using a ¾ inch seam allowance.

We’ve now got a long tube of fabric with a pocket sticking out of the side!

This bit is really important.

We need to reach in and pull through one short end up to meet the other. But as you do this you need to make sure not to let it twist. Or you’ll end up with a twist in your finished scarf. Make sure you keep the seam aligned.

Pin the 2 short edges together and then sew, but remember to leave a gap of around 5-8cm. We will be pulling the scarf through this after this step.

Pull the scarf through the hole you just left!

Last job is to close the turning hole. I close mine on the machine as my hand sewing is terrible! But if you are able to, closing it by hand gives a much neater finish as you can make the stitches more discreet.

And that’s it.

An infinity scarf with a secret pocket.

Ideal for popping your card, some cash, keys or even your phone in! I myself like to keep a Twirl in mine. You never know when you might need one.

You could add more pieces to make an even longer scarf!

Made by Steph for the Craft Cotton Company 2020


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