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Happy Owls - Stay Safe on the Move Kit

Project by Angela Harkness

Make a handy quilted zipper pouch to store face masks, hand sanitiser and wipes for staying safe when out and about. This is also a great pack to keep in your car door so you’re never without a face mask.

Ability/skill level of project: Easy


Happy Owls Fat quarter fabric pack

Vlieseline/Vilene Interfacing Iron On H250

Bosal fusible wadding

3mm Soft Elastic Cord

White zip on a roll


Step 1: Cut fabrics as required for zipper pouch:

Cut each piece in outer fabric, lining fabric and wadding

Back 11” x 9”

Front top 11” x 2”

Front bottom 11” x 7”

**you can get all the front and lining pieces from one fat quarter of fabric**

Step 2: Fuse the wadding onto the outer fabric pieces

Step 3: Quilt straight lines running across or down the panel, using a straight stitch and walking foot

Step 4: Once all outer pieces are quilted, cut a length of continuous zip roughly two inches longer than the width of the pouch

-To insert the zip, layer as follows:

Outer bottom fabric facing up > zipper facing down > lining fabric right side down on top of the outer fabric, with the zip sandwiched in the middle

Step 5: Stitch the zip in place using the zipper foot, making sure the needle position is as close to the zip as possible. Once stitched and opened up, it should look like the second photo here

Step 6: Repeat for the top part of the front outer piece.

Step 7: Secure the ends of the zip with 1/8” seam allowance to make sure the zipper doesn’t come off then trim away any excess. Topstitch the zip along both sides.

Step 8: Attach the front and back panel pieces together, layering as follows:

- Back lining piece face up > front pouch piece on top of lining facing up > back outer fabric face down so right sides are together

-Once layered up, trim pieces so they’re the same size as when quilting, the fabrics will slightly reduce in size. Sew around the outer edge, leaving a turning gap along bottom edge, trim corners and turn through

Step 9: Give a good press and then close turning gap either by hand stitching or topstitching along bottom edge to secure the gap

Step 10: From the remaining fat quarters, cut out fabric pieces for face masks, using the pattern piece. For each mask, you need two pieces for outer fabric, two pieces for inner fabric, and two pieces of interfacing

Step 11: Constructing the mask

-Fuse the interfacing to the outer fabric pieces. Position two outer fabric pieces right sides together and sew down the centre seam. Sew the same seam on the inner pieces. Trim the curved seams with pinking shears so they sit well when turned through.

Step 12: Position the lining and outer fabric right sides together and pin together. Sew all around the mask, leaving one short end open.

Step 13: Trim the corners and turn through, making sure the seams lie flat. Press well, turning the open end in to give a neat edge.

Step 14: Fold over the edge as indicated on the pattern, and sew in place. To give added strength, sew over this sea a couple of times.

Step 15: Cut approximately ten inches of elastic and thread through the side seam casing. Repeat on the other side. Tie elastic off in a knot at the appropriate length, then carefully pull through so the knot is hidden in the seam casing.

Step 11: Repeat with the other mask pieces to create your ‘full set’ to go in your sipper pouch

To see more from Angela, visit her on Instagram @angerellas_crafts

Made by Angela Harkness for The Craft Cotton Company 2020


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