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Indigo Elements Table Runner

Project by Michelle Roberts- Creative Blonde

Fabric Used: Indigo Elements designed by Stuart Hillard.

Finished Size: 14 1/2"x 35"


  • 38” x 16” backing piece from the collection

  • Two 12” squares from the collection

  • 38” x 18” Bosal single sided fusible fleece batting

  • Gutermann thread

  • Two 12” squares, three pieces measuring 5” x 11 ¼” and two pieces measuring 3” x 36” from the Craftcotton denim fabric.

Haberdashery Items:

  • Quilter’s ruler

  • Rotary cutter/scissors

  • Iron

  • Cutting mat

  • Basic sewing supplies

  • 6” Hexagon template

Lets get sewing…

Reverse applique is a simple method and makes a great alternative to raw edge applique.

1. Begin by laying a denim square and a square from the collection on top of each other - both facing up.

Pin in the corners.

Take your template and draw around it in the centre of your square using a fabric pen.

2. Secure the two piece of fabrics together with more pins.

3. Using a quilters ruler and your fabric pen, draw a ¼” seam allowance line inside your template marking. Then using a sharp pair of scissors, and making sure to only cut through the top layer, trim away the top hexagon, up to the seam allowance lines.

Repeat this process for the remaining two 12” squares.

4. Snip into the corners.

Fold under the seam allowance and press as you go.

5. Using Gutermann thread and Clover sharps needle, hand sew the raw edge under, with neat little stitches.

6. Remove the pins and press. Trim blocks to measure 11 ¼” squares.

7. With right sides together, join a denim rectangle piece to either side of each block to create your table runner.

8. Sew the two remaining strips to top and bottom of the table runner, and press.

9. Fuse your top piece to the batting, and baste your backing in place.

Quilt using your preferred method.

Trim table runner to measure 14 ½” x 35” (making sure to take even amounts off all round)

Make your binding by cutting 1 ½” strips from the collection.

10. Machine sew to the front edge with right sides together. Press over ¼” of the raw edge and hand sew to the back of the table runner.

Your table runner is complete!

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Stockist for Fabric

Project by Michelle Roberts for The Craft Cotton Co 2022


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