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'Love and Romance' Wedding Invitations

Project by Michelle Roberts AKA Creative Blonde

Fabric: Love & Romance

Follow my tutorial to make these rustic wedding invitations.

Materials to make one invitation:

  • 6” x 9” piece of your favourite cardstock (fold in half)

  • Plus 2 ¼” x 1 “piece for the label (favourite cardstock)

  • 3” x 1 ½” piece of hessian

  • 5” x 13” piece of sage green fabric from the collection

  • 10” natural twine

  • Gutermann thread

Haberdashery items:

  • Quilter’s ruler

  • Rotary cutter/scissors

  • Iron

  • Cutting mat

  • Basic sewing supplies

Lets get creative...

Take your piece of cardstock, measuring 4 ½” x 6” once folded in half.

Sew piece of hessian in place to the bottom centre of card (remember to have card open when sewing)

Sew piece of card stock in centre of hessian piece.

Create the bow, by folding the 5” x 13” piece of fabric in half to create a 2 ½” x 13” piece, sew along raw edge using ¼” seam allowance, leaving a 2” gap in the centre (for turning)

With seam in the centre, press seam open. Sew along each short edge.

Turn right side out.

Hand sew the 2” gap using a blanket stitch.

Sew the two short edges together using a blanket stitch.

Slip over invitation, and pinch bow together in the centre and secure with a piece of twine, tie into a bow, trim excess length.

Add extra applique detail from the fabric collection if desired.

To see more from Michelle follow her on Instagram @creativeblondegifts or Facebook, and don't forget to visit her website

Made by Michelle Roberts for The Craft Cotton Co 2022.

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