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Mothers Day Tulip Tutorial

Project by Jo Gleeson

Create a bouquet of fabric flowers that will last forever.

What you will need:

· Fabric for flower head

· Green felt or fabric for leaf

· Stuffing

· Ruler / tape measure

· Needle and thread /sewing machine

· Scissors / rotary cutter and mat

· Sticks / straws / dowelling for stems

· Vase / jug or ribbon to tie together

1) Cut a rectangle 6 inches x 4 inches / 15cm x 10cm. This will make your flower head.

2) Fold down and press ¼ inch from top edge.

3) Fold in half with right sides facing. Stitch down the side, making a tube shape.

4) Using a strong thread, stitch all the way around the bottom edge to gather.

5) Whilst still inside out, Insert your stem. Gather and secure with stitches. You could also use glue. Flip back on itself to make a cup.

6) Stuff with toy stuffing till firm. Push down to reveal folded edge.

7) Knot a length of thread. Stitch to four points and draw together.

8) Secure together with several stitches.

9) Finish off flower bead with a small bead.

10) Using green felt 8 inches by 3 inches or cut 2x leaf shapes stitching together with right sides facing, remember to leave a gap for turning.

11) Secure leaf to stem using a matching thread.

These look beautiful in a small bunch either tied with a ribbon or displayed in a vase.

Quick to make and bring so many smiles!

Enjoy xx

To see more from Jo, visit her on Instagram @jesterquilt

Made by Jo Gleeson for The Craft Cotton Company 2021

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