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No Sew Mothers Day Cards

Project by Sarah Holliman

A fun, easy to follow, no-sew paper and fabric project to create a gorgeous keepsake card for a special person on Mothers Day by SJStitchery

You will need;

Card Blanks (I used 5x7 inch card blanks in Ivory from Hobbycraft)

Selection of card and paper for cutting shapes and templates

Selection of small pieces of fabric

Ribbon/accessories for your card

Fabric glue or PVA

Double sided adhesive tape

Iron On Interfacing (optional)


For this tutorial, I have focused on the Little Bird card, but the instructions are the same for all the designs, just change your template shapes and wording as desired x


1. Choose your card blank size. This will depend on how big or small you want your design to be. I have used 5x7 inch card blanks from Hobbycraft as you will find most shapes easily fit onto this size of card.

2. I always start my card making with a card topper. This is a piece of coordinating blank card that is smaller than the size of your card on which you can mount your design. In these designs, I have simply used a rectangle of white card, approximately 6x4 inches

3. Attach your card topper to your blank card using double sided adhesive tape.

4. Now you have your basic card and topper you are ready to embellish the front of your card. Cut out a cardboard shape of your design you want to use. I have used a Little Bird.

You could trace around a shape and cut out a template or use a die cutting machine. For Mother’s Day cards you could use Flowers, Hearts, Butterflies or even cut around the shape of your children's hand or feet!

5. Once you have your cardboard template, you will need to transfer this design to fabric. If your fabric is quite a thin cotton, you can add an iron on interfacing to the back of the fabric at this stage. This will give the shape more structure.

6. Once you have ironed on your interfacing to the fabric, use the cardboard template to cut around the shape.

7. Using a pea sized amount of fabric glue, attach the fabric shape onto the top of the cardboard template, so that you have a fabric shape with a cardboard backing (this makes it easier to fix onto the card).

8. Leave to dry.

9. Whilst your shape is drying, you could think about the wording you would like on your card. You could use a piece of your child's handwriting mounted onto card or you could cut out some letters. I used a die cutting machine to cut out my words, but I then used the reverse image of the text and added some fabric behind the ‘cut-out’ for extra effect.

10. Once you have your wording and shapes, you are ready to design your card. Try some different layouts and decide how you want your card to look. I have decided to place the lettering at the base of the card and the Little Bird across the centre. Once you are happy with your design, use double sided adhesive tape to stick the card shapes to the topper. (You could use PVA but sometimes a ‘wet’ glue can distort your card so I find tape is a safer option).

11. Add ribbon or embellishment as you like. I have used a very narrow ribbon just tied around the centre of the card.

Now you can experiment with lots of other different shapes and designs to create your own beautiful keepsake card for a special occasion.


To see more from Sarah, visit her on Instagram @sjstitchery

Made by Sarah Holliman for The Craft Cotton Company 2021


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