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Multi Purpose Zipped Pouch and Roll

Project by Steph

Not an exciting name, I know! But I couldn’t fix it to just one purpose. You could use this for pencils and pens. Paints and brushes. Sewing tools. Make up and brushes. So many other things! So whilst Zipped Pouch and a Roll might sound a bit boring, this project is anything but!

What you need:

For the pouch:

  • 4 pieces of fabric measuring 27cm wide x 25cm tall. 2 outer and 2 lining.

For the roll:

  • 2 pieces of fabric measuring 53cm wide x 25cm tall. 1 outer and 1 inner.

  • 1 piece of fabric measuring 53cm wide x 15cm tall. Pocket.

  • Sewing Machine (you’ll need your normal sewing foot and a zip foot)

  • Thread

  • Scissors

  • Pins

  • 13” (33cm) Zip

  • 13cm length of elastic. ¼ inch wide would be great, but any will do. I’m actually using a hair bobble!

  • 2 Buttons.

  • Hand needle and thread to attach the buttons.

  • Either an iron and ironing board OR a seam roller (or similar)

  • Optional: Interfacing. This would make the pouch and roll stiffer. Follow the manufacturers instructions if you chose to use it.

Making the zipped pouch

Step 1. Take one of your outer pieces. Lay it in front of you remembering 27cm is the width.

You need to measure a 4cm x 4cm square in each of the 2 bottom corners and then cut them out.

Repeat for the other outer piece and 2 lining pieces.

Step 2. Lay one of the outer pieces right side up in front of you.

Put the zip on top, teeth down. Make sure the zip pull is on your left.

Now put one of the lining pieces on top, right side down.

Step 3. Pin these all together, sandwiching the zip in the middle, and then sew together.

Make sure you are using your zip foot.

Then repeat this with the other side.

In the photo you will see I have put the part already sewn flat underneath the part I am about to sew. This is important. We don’t want to catch it as we sew the second half.

So I have my outer piece right side up. The zip (with the just finished half attached) teeth down. Then I have put the lining piece right side down on top. Make sure you have aligned the fabric edges with the zip tape and pinned securely.

If you like to top stitch your zips, now is the time to do that.

This is really important. Open your zip half way!!

Step 4. Open the pieces out in front of you with the 2 lining pieces on one side, the 2 outer pieces together on the other side.

Step 5. We’re going to pin all the way around the outside now. For the moment, ignore the cut out corners. All will become clear eventually!

Leave yourself a 5cm gap in the bottom of the lining piece. This is how we will turn the pouch in the right way.

Step 6. Once pinned, sew. I use a 1cm (¼ inch) seam allowance throughout. Make sure you have put your regular foot back on your sewing machine.

Step 7. Now, those pesky corners.

Open them out so that the seams match.

A bottom seam will match with a side seam.

It is important to make sure your seams are flat when you do this step too, otherwise when finished the sides and bottom will be very bulky.

Pin these.

Step 8. Repeat this until you have pinned all 4 corners and then sew.

Step 9. Turn the pouch through the hole we left in the lining.

You’ll now discover if you remembered to leave your zip half way open.

Push the corners out with a chopstick or similar. Be careful not to pop the stitching though.

Pull the lining back out through the top, don’t disturb those corners!

You can either hand sew the hole closed or you can machine stitch.

That’s your pouch all finished.

Making the Roll

Step 1. Taking the 53cm x 15cm pocket piece. Lay it wrong side up.

We need to fold down 1cm along the top edge. Either iron this or use your seam roller.

Now fold it down another 1cm.

This time we will pin it and stitch it down.

As before, I’m using a 1cm/ ¼ inch seam allowance.

This piece will now be 53cm x 13cm.

Step 2. Grab your inner 53cm x 25cm piece. Lay it in front of you, right side up.

Place the pocket piece we just finished on top.

Step 3. Line the bottom corners and edges up. Pin along the sides and bottom.

To make the channels for ‘things’ we need to measure along and make a mark every 3.5cm.

I just use pins to mark where I intend on sewing. I am yet to find a reliable erasable pen, pencil or chalk. But that is my personal preference. You use whatever you find easiest.

Measure in from one edge and go along until we have gone the full length of the 53cm. You will find a small section left over. Don’t worry about that.

N.B. You can make the channels as big or as small as you like. I find 3.5cm is a good average size to fit in most things. You could also mix the sizes up. Do some smaller and some bigger.

Step 4. Next, we have to sew them all in!

Just a straight line of sewing from the bottom of the pocket to the top.

Step 5. Repeat this for all of those lines we just marked.

Step 6. Pin your loop of elastic to one end of the outer 53cm x 25cm piece.

Find the centre point of the 25cm side. Have the fabric right side up, pin the elastic. The raw edges will be pointing out into the air, and the loop will be facing towards the middle of the fabric. Make sure a little is overhanging the edge.

If you want to, you can tack this in place.

Pin the outer to the inner.

Make sure you leave a 6cm or so gap in the bottom to turn the roll through.

Once pinned you can sew.

Step 7. Trim off the 4 corners. Not too close to your stitching, but this will help with nice crisp edges when turned. Also trim down the overhang of the elastic now but not too short.

Turn the roll through the hole.

At this point I like to iron the whole thing. It’s usually a little creased from turning.

Step 8. Once ironed you can either just close the turning hole (by hand or machine) or top stitch all the way around the edge.

Step 9. Now attach your buttons with your hand needle and thread.

To find out where to put them I roll the roll up, and mark with a pin where the button will go.

I also attach a second button for if I put the pouch in the middle. To find the placement for this one I do the same as above. Obviously make sure you put the pouch in the middle before you roll it!

That’s the roll finished now too!

Well done.

I think this makes the perfect present for anybody of any age. Or of course, you could always make it for yourself. Self gifts are always lovely.

Made by Steph for The Craft Cotton Company 2020


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