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Natures Garden Apron

Project by Nicola Hills

You Will Need:

A set of FQ’s

1/2 Metre of backing Fabric

Tools Required:

Sewing Machine, Basic Sewing Kit, Iron

How to:

Take 1 FQ & some backing fabric and cut them in half widthways.

R/S together sew across one long side.

Press seams out flat, fold in half with r/s out.

Repeat the same process with another FQ and lining

Layer the second piece on top of the first piece about 1.5” down

Trim across the bottom.

Now begin to design your other bespoke pockets, think about the garden accessories you need to carry around with you in your apron. On one pocket you can even add loops for holding tools.

Start sewing vertical lines to section off the pockets.

TOP TIP remember to sew the pockets individually onto the one before so that you don’t lose precious pocket space after sewing the pockets down.

Once you have the layers set how you want them, pin or clip to secure then using a long stitch sew around the outside to hold it all into place. I rounded off the corners.

Use bias binding around to neaten the edges.

Join two 4” strip lengths together to create the waist band.

Fold in half = 2” iron then open and iron each edge into the central seam, this will give you a 1” waistband.

Place the centre of the band onto the centre of the apron folded over the top edge, pin and sew all the way along the top of the apron and the two lengths of ties.

Add a bow for decoration and buttons to personalise.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, if you ‘have a go’ please share your makes with us

Nicola Hills x

Made by Nicola Hills for The Craft Cotton Company 2020


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