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Patch Pocket Satchel

Project by Michelle Roberts

Follow this tutorial, to make your own patch pocket satchel, using the gorgeous Roald Dahl ‘Witches’ fabrics from Craft Cotton Co. Please read through all the instructions before starting your project Finished size 11 1⁄2” x 9 1⁄2” x 2 1⁄2”


  • 20” x 40” Mouse on white fabric (outer bag, gusset, and flap)

  • 10” x 14” Frogs on purple fabric (front pocket)

  • 20” x 30” Witches on purple fabric (lining)

  • Green piece of fabric for strap 52” x 4”

  • 1” rectangular ring and 1” rectangular slider by Hemline from Groves Magnetic snap fastener by Hemline from Groves

  • Light fusible batting pack from Bosal in white Gutermann threads

Haberdashery items

  • Quilters ruler, rotary cutter/scissors

  • Iron

  • Cutting mat

  • Basic sewing supplies

  • Frixtion fabric pen

  • Debbie Shore Satchel Book for templates

Making the Satchel...

Fabric direction is important when cutting out your satchel pieces Lets get sewing... Cut out all the pieces using instructions from book, see Material list for which fabrics I used for each piece Fuse the light fusible Bosal batting to both outer pieces of fabric, the gusset, the outer bag flap (the mouse of white fabric) and one pocket piece (frogs on purple fabric).

Using the friction fabric pen, draw a line length ways along the centre of the gusset, then draw a further line 1⁄2” either side of the centre line, stitch along these lines using Gutermann white thread, iron to remove drawn lines.

Quilt the pocket with the fusible batting and add the thinner side of the magnectic snap, join to the front of the bag.

Add the other side of the clasp to the flap lining piece, I added a small 1” square of fusible batting to the reverse to add stability.

Make the bag flap, by sewing the outer and lining pieces together, leaving the top open, snip into the curves and turn right side out. Sew 1/8” around the three sides.

Join the gusset to the bag, check direction of fabric when joining. Pin all the way round before you begin sewing, repeat for the back of the bag.

Repeat process with the lining pieces and lining gusset, leave a gap for turning. Follow the instruction to make the strap and add the ring and slider.

Join to the bag. Drop the outer bag inside the lining and join with right sides together, be sure to match your side seams.

Turn right side out, sew the opening closed using a ladder stitch. Push the lining inside the satchel and top stitch around the top edge of the bag to complete.

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Stockist for Fabric and Bosal batting

For more information about Debbie Shore book Stockist for Gutermann Threads 01453 883581

Stockist for magnetic snap and slider Sales: General:

Made by Michelle Roberts for The Craft Cotton Company 2020


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