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Patchwork Christmas Tree Cushion

Project by Lesley Foster

Get ready for the festive season with this wintery patchwork Christmas tree cushion.


Snowy Woodland fabric by The Craft Cotton Company

- Snowflake: 50x25cm piece

- Pine cone: 50x25cm piece

- Mistletoe: 50x25cm piece

- Woodland lodge: 50x25cm piece

- Pine Forest: 2 45x50cm pieces








Tape measure

45x45cm cushion pad

1- Take the Pinecone, Mistletoe and Woodland Lodge fabric and cut into 4.5cm wide strips.

2- Using the tree outline as a guide cut the 4.5cm strips to the right lengths.

3- Take the first two top left pieces place right sides together and sew along the bottom edge to join. Repeat with the remaining strips that make up the left hand side of the cushion. Next repeat with the right hand sidepieces.

4- Place the left and right sides together and sew down the seam to join.

5- Take the snowflake fabric and cut into 45x5cm strips, fold the strips in half so you have 45x2.5cm wide strips.

6- Lay the patchwork front right side up, and place the folded snowflake strips raw edges against the raw edges of the patchwork cushion front.

7- Fold the 2 pine forest 45x50cm pieces in half so you have 2 pieces 45x25cm, place on top of the patchwork front so they overlap slightly in the middle.

8- Sew around the edges of the cushion, turn out the right way.

Your cushion is complete! To see more from Lesley, visit her on Instagram @hookstitchsew

Made by Lesley Foster for The Craft Cotton Company 2020


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