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Petal & Pip Pen Holder

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Project by The Crafty Lass

How to Make a Pen Storage Holder

How to make a pretty but practical pen holder – or, you could store make-up brushes, scissors, paintbrushes – whatever you would like!

You Will Need




Craft Essentials

Sewing Machine

Fabric Scissors


Tape Measure

Needle & Thread


How to Make

1. Select, measure and cut out your fabrics and wadding.

To make as per the example make, you will need the below measurements - but, depending on what you want to use the roll for, you could of course adapt these accordingly.

- Two pieces of fabric 108cm x 27cm

- Two pieces of wadding 108cm x 27cm

- One piece of fabric 108cm x 17cm

- One piece of wadding 108cm x 17cm

- Four pieces of fabric 43cm x 4cm

2. Construct your ties. Take two of the pieces 43cm x 4cm and lay them right sides together. Using a 0.5cm seam allowance go up one length side, pivot, along the shorter edge, pivot and then back down the other side – leaving one side open. Snip off the corners as close to the stitching as you can without damaging the threads to remove excess fabric. Now turn out the right way and press.

Repeat with the remaining 43cm x 4cm pieces to make your second tie.

3. Take your piece of fabric 108cm x 17cm and the corresponding piece of wadding. This will be the part where your pens tuck into. Lay the wadding down and then the fabric right side up. Turn one of the length edges over and in by 2.5cm. Pin into position and using a 1cm seam allowance, sew to secure the edge over.

4. Take the piece of 108cm x 27cm fabric you want as the background part, above where your pens are. Take the corresponding wadding. Lay down the wadding, then the fabric on top, right sides up. Place on top of this, your now turned edge pen part and lay this on top with the long edges together. Pin into position if desired. Now measure and sew upwards lines from the bottom to point of turned over edge, every 3.5cm (or whatever you need for the tools you are storing!) Remember to leave an additional gap at either edge for your seam allowance. Secure your threads.

5. Time to put all the pieces together! Lay down the now sewn fabric/wadding pen holder/back piece face up. Then, add the sewn ties into the middle point at one side. Now place the remaining 108cm x 27cm piece of fabric face down on to this, right sides together. Then finally the remaining piece of 108cm x 27cm wadding onto this. Pin into position.

6. Now time to sew! Starting at the top (non-pen edge!), and using a 1cm seam allowance, sew all the way around the edge leaving a gap for turning out. Secure your threads.

7. Trim off any excess edges within the sewing allowance and turn out.

8. Finally using a 0.5cm seam allowance sew in a straight line along the top edge to secure everything and close the open turning out gap.

9. Add your pens and roll up!

Et voila! Pen holder, done!

To see more from Paula, visit her on Instagram @thecraftylass and

Made by Paula Milner for The Craft Cotton Company 2021

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