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Peter Rabbit Christmas Waistcoat

Project by Bernadette Wainright

A very smart but fun waistcoat for any young man to enjoy the festive season. For a quick make I have omitted the pockets/welts and back tie.

McCall’s M4290 Peter Rabbit Christmas Waistcoat

Age 4 View B

Skill level: Intermediate

You will need:

½Mtr Peter Rabbit Fabric

½Mtr Lining Fabric

McCall’s M4290

Bosal Charcoal Medium Fusible Interfacing

3 x 5/8” Buttons

Sewing Machine and Basic Sewing Kit

Step-by-step instructions:

All seams are 5/8” or 1.5cms unless otherwise stated.

Before you start your project, gather all your supplies and have a quick read through all the instructions just to familiarise yourself with the terminology. Iron your fabric with a suitable temperature to ensure it is flat and easy to work with. You would be amazed with the difference in size a few creases can make.

1. Follow the cutting guide as per the pattern. I wanted to position Peter and his mum in prominent places so I folded the fabric right side out and also positioned for horizontal pattern matching.

2. I use either a fabric pen or pencil to mark the cutting lines from the pattern so as not to damage the pattern tissue. Repeat for the lining.

3. Cut the Front (1) in the interfacing.

4. Transfer all markings, the position of the darts, buttonholes and buttons before removing the pattern tissue with either tailor’s tacks or the method of your choice. My tailor’s tacks are very long as I’m working through the main fabric and the lining, therefore 4 layers.

5. Apply the interfacing following the manufactures’ instructions to the wrong side of the front piece (1).

6. Complete the darts in step 2, press these towards the centre. I omitted the welts and back tie as I wanted a simple, quick waistcoat.

7. Stitch the back to the front at the shoulder seams, press the seams open. There is no need to neaten as the seam will be enclosed. Repeat for the lining.

8. With right sides together pin the lining to the vest, matching notches, centres and shoulder seams.

9. Stitch as per the instructions in step 4.

10. Layer the seam allowance and clip in notches on all curves, being careful not to cut into the stitching. This may be a little fiddly, but it means the waistcoat will turn through easily and result in a good curve.

11. Turn through to the right side as per the instructions.

12. Edge tack to achieve a sharp edge, press.

13. Sew the side seams as per the instructions. Press the seam open.

14. Turn under 5/8” on side opening edges of lining and slipstitch closed.

15. Complete the buttons and buttonholes as in step 5.

Congratulations! Your Peter Rabbit Christmas waistcoat is now finished.

To see more from Bernadette, visit her on Instagram @littlemissdressco

Made by Bernadette Wainwright for the Craft Cotton Company 2020


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