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Peter Rabbit Spring Wreath

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Project by Angela Harkness

Get ready to welcome Spring into your home with this fun wreath, all simple hand stitching so no specialist equipment is needed.


1 Fat quarter pack of Flowers and Dreams Peter Rabbit fabric

Wreath ring

Wadding off cuts



Brass ring

Peter Rabbit soft toy


Step 1: Cut scraps of wadding into strips and wrap around the metal wreath ring, overlapping as you go, trying to keep the curve shape. Continue wrapping until the ring is nicely padded. A dab of fabric glue will keep the end in place, or just temporarily hold with a couple of pins.

Step 2:

Cut the felt into 2.5” strips then join the strips together either on the sewing machine or by hand. As previously, wrap around the ring until all of the wadding is covered. Hand stitch the end in place.

Step 3: Make a variety of ‘Suffolk Puffs’ in different sizes and in different fabrics

· Cut out circles of different sizes

· Using needle and thread stitch a running stitch around the edge of each fabric circle

· Carefully pull the thread to gather the fabric

· Secure the gathers with a couple of stitches in the centre of the circle

· Stitch a button into the centre of the ‘Suffolk Puff’

Step 4: Using different sizes and colours of buttons will add greater interest to the finished wreath.

Step 5: Arrange the Suffolk Puffs around the wreath, overlapping in places and mixing up the colours and sizes. Hold in place with pins until you are happy with the placement, and then carefully stitch each Suffolk Puff onto the felt base of the wreath.

Step 6: Once all of the Suffolk Puffs are in place, position the Peter Rabbit soft toy in the centre of the wreath. Hold in place with pins (sorry Peter Rabbit!) then stitch in place with a couple of stitches to each ear and paws.

Step 7: Hand stitch the brass ring to the centre top of the wreath on the back for the hanging loop, then your wreath is ready to enjoy!

To see more from Angela, visit her on Instagram @angerellas_crafts

Made by Angela Harkness for The Craft Cotton Company 2021

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