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Rainbow Book Cushion

Project by Paula Milner- The Crafty Lass


  • Fabric

  • Thread

  • Cushion Inner: This tutorial is for a 45cm x 45cm square cushion


  • Fabric scissors

  • Pins

  • Needle

  • Measuring tape

  • Iron and ironing board

A bright and fun rainbow cushion with added pocket for plenty of books! Snuggle up and get reading.


1. Choose and Measure-

Select which fabrics you would like for the main front of the cushion, the pocket and back of the cushion. You could of course use rainbow fabrics – or, mix and match for a clashing/coordinating pattern look – it is completely up to you! Press your fabrics if required.

Measure out your fabric. You will need:

  • Cut 10 strips 6.5cm x 47cm for the main cushion front.

  • Cut 10 strips 4.5cm x 47cm for the pocket.

  • Cut 2 pieces 33cm x 47cm for the back of the cushion.

2. Sew Cushion Front Strips-

Arrange the order you would like your strips to go in – so for example, this is in a rainbow order. Take the first two of your 6.5cm x 47cm strips and place right sides together. Using a 1cm seam allowance, sew together along the long length. Press with an iron if required.

3. Sew Cushion Front Continued-

Continue to work across your cushion front, adding the next strip right sides together and sewing along the longer length until complete.

4. Sew Pocket-

Repeat as steps 2 and 3 for your narrower 4.5cm x 47cm strips. You might like to keep these in the same order as the main cushion for continuity – or, mix it up!

5. Sew Back Cushion-

Take your back cushion pieces and turn over the 47cm edge in by 1cm. Using a 0.5cm seam allowance, sew to secure into place.

6. Construct-

Lay your main cushion piece face up before placing your pocket on top – also face up aligning the bottom edges together. Place one of your back cushion pieces on to this right sides down, aligned to the side of your cushion – so that all right sides are together. Repeat with the second back piece aligned to opposite side. Pin into position to secure.

7. Sew-

Sew all the way around the edge using a 1cm seam allowance to secure into place, before turning out. Push your corners all the way out and press if required. Insert your cushion inner.

Et voila! A rainbow reading cushion… Enjoy!

To see more from Paula follow her on Instagram @thecraftylass, Facebook @TheCraftyLass or you can visit her website thecraftylass.

Made by Paula Milner for The Craft Cotton Co 2022.

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